October 20, 2010

I can't make decisions!

I've been working on a new website for the past couple of days and I could really use some advice! Although I liked my old site, I wanted something a little more professional looking. More pizzazz! More fun!

Fortunately, Wix.com has some really awesome (and free!) templates and I've been playing with a few of them. Now I'm wondering...which layout is better? 

I like the whimsy of Version #1, but I also like the bold background of Version #2. Yeargh! I'm so indecisive. Which one do you guys like more?


(By the way, I had a ton of fun making these sites! I'd highly, highly recommend Wix.com if you're thinking about making your own website.)


  1. I like them both but I think I'll go with version 2. It has more color. :-D

  2. I vote for the first one.
    The shoes are adorable, but I like the cleanness of the other one.
    Easy to navigate :)

  3. I liked version 1 best, but I'm no expert. I'm procrastinating building my own site now. Any advice?

  4. Demon and Lily, thanks so much for your thought! Much appreciated. :o)

    Mike, I've used Webs.com and Wix.com to built my sites and I really love the latter. First, Wix has some really awesome templates that are easily customizable. Second, it's free! (Although I am paying $5 per month for my own domain name.)

    If you need any help, feel free to email me! I had a blast making these sites and I'd be happy to help! (carolineltung@gmail.com)

  5. Ooh, I really like #2! I'm a sucker for cute shoes though.

  6. Definitely #2. I think #1 is very bland in its color palette, it doesn't grab my attention at all.

    Sorry I haven't commented in a while. It's been nice having you blog so frequently!

  7. i can't make decisions either! i am torn here as they are both awesome.

    when i was scrolling down the post and saw the first one - i absolutely loved it - so clean and professional. really, it would make an awesome site.

    and then i saw the second one! bright and cute and funky and loved that one too.

    either works for me :)

    which one feels more like you?

    also, not sure about the white text in the yellow bar on #2? looks hard to read.


  8. Ooh fun!

    For what it's worth, I do online marketing for my day job, so I'm looking at these the way I would look at an organization site --

    I think they're both fun and energetic, which is great for a kidlit author site. I think in both the navigation is straightforward and simple -- easy to find and easy to figure out what's what.

    I like the colors in #2 a lot, and they're very attention-getting. However I'm afraid visitors coming to it will think it's a shoe store site, because the shoes inevitably pop more than the text. If they do see the text they may initially think you write only about shoes. :)

    For that reason I would pick #1, even though it's less eye-catching, because once someone has come to your site their attention is already on you, so it gives you the opportunity to draw the focus to the key content -- in this case, the description of who you are and what you write. The patterned background does make the text a little hard to read, though, and I wonder if your visitors will think you write primarily about boating -- which isn't such a bad thing, but it might be worth adding some text to the intro that describes your genre (even just adding something like "sci-fi and fantasy" or what have you in front of "MG/YA novels"). (And on that same note you might want to spell out MG/YA for the non-writers in your audience.)

    Hope this helps, and good luck with the site build (and congrats on undertaking it, it's no small project!).

  9. I like the second one. it's more vibrant :)