Has it really been ten years?

I stopped by the mall today to pick up a birthday present for my brother and I ran into a giant mass of high school students. There were tons of them everywhere--buying clothes, sipping on iced coffee, and flirting with everyone within a thirty-feet zone.

And it made me nostalgic.

See, this mall is the exact same one that I shopped at when I was in high school. Only ten years ago, I was the one buying clothes at Abercrombie and trying on earrings at Claire's and listening to the new Lauryn Hill Cd.

Ah, the late nineties... How I miss you. (Although I don't miss the acne. Or the braces. Shudder.)

One of my favorite high school memories occurred during Homecoming of my freshman year. My friends and I hadn't gotten asked to the dance (sniff!) so we decided to go the mall instead. Once we arrived, we made an immediate beeline to the make-up counters in Nordstrom and started trying on lip glosses.

Then one of my friends decided it would be a great idea if we all chose one color (red, orange, pink, etc.) and decorated our faces in the hue. Most of us didn't want to get on board, but my friend Allison and I absolutely went to town: bright pink blush, orange lipstick, and matching eye shadow. We looked ghastly! But I still remember clutching my sides and laughing so hard when I saw Allie turn the corner in her neon get-up. Oh memories...

When I got home today, I decided to look through my old high school photo album, which I haven't dug out in years. Here are a couple of fun ones that I just scanned onto my computer because digital cameras didn't exist in 1998:

My pals Rachel, Amanda, and I dressed as hippies for our school's rock n' roll revival show.

My four best friends and me. We called ourselves the Fab Five...because we were awesome! Well, at least we thought we were.

And now for a real blast from the past... I found this picture on my mom's computer today. That's moi as a baby. I'm gigantic! It looks like my mother is holding onto a prized pumpkin.

How about you guys? What are some of your favorite high school memories or hang outs? And were any of you as fat as I was when you were a baby? I bet you can't beat my infant girth!