August 10, 2010

We apologize for this delay in posting...

Hey everyone!

Caroline here.

I'm really sorry about the delay in posting my "Query Tips & Suggestions, Part II." Due to a family emergency, my husband and I had to fly out-of-town yesterday, which means my blogging will be a little spotty for the next week or so. Fortunately, everything seems to be okay with the family! Whew! Huge sigh of relief.

Anyway, I have a quick random question for y'all...

What is your preferred reading material on a flight?

I was thinking about this yesterday during our two-hour flight from DC to Indianapolis. The guy to the right of me was reading a magazine (I think Rolling Stone) while the guy to the left of me was reading an old hardcover book. As for me, I was reading the most recent copy of O Magazine. I rarely read magazines at home--aside from Entertainment Weekly and National Geographic--but I kind of devour them on airplanes. They're fast and entertaining reads, which is what I need on a boring flight. Plus, I love me some Oprah!

So what do you guys read on planes? Or do you prefer to doze through the flight?


  1. Glad to hear everything seems to be okay!

    I like magazines on airplanes, since sometimes it's hard to get into a book with so many other people sitting all around me. I dunno, maybe I'm just terrible with distractions? Also, I can never sleep on planes, or if I do, I get all sorts of aches and pains :(

    Hope all is well ...

  2. I can consume a book of under 200 pages in a short flight. Or I usually pick up an anthology of short stories to get me through.

  3. Unfortunately my days of reading on planes are over. However, sometimes I try to entertain Sam with the gadgets in Sky Mall. Who invents half of that stuff?

  4. I usually go for the magazines in airplanes, simply because it's not too engrossing and I can check in and out of it.

    Also, I'm quite the voyeur and like to stare at the other passengers :)

    Oh, and watch movies. Even if they suck.

    Hope everything goes well w/your family!!

  5. Usually I read kid lit on the plane, though most of the time I find in the actual airport I people watch and scribble in a writer's notebook. You get some really great novel ideas from the airport lounges.

  6. Glad everything's okay!

    I don't usually read on flights. I get massive earaches when I fly (tried chewing gum, didn't help) so it's really hard for me to concentrate on a book. When I do read, it's usually whatever I have with me at the time.

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