Is it time for the Second Coming?

Update: I'll be in Indianapolis until Tuesday. Fortunately, my father-in-law is getting stronger by the day! He's going to kick some pneumonia ass!

My husband was in the Army for five years, which meant he had to shave his face EVERY SINGLE DAY. He hated it. And complained about it. A lot.

And so, when Justin got out of the military a few weeks ago, he was determined to throw away his razors and to grow a beard. He's mighty proud of it too. Oftentimes he turns to me and asks in a very serious voice, "Do you know what's awesome?" *Pause* "My beard."

Below, you will see an example of said beard (pardon my cleavage):

Anyway, we picked up Justin's sister and niece from the airport yesterday and our niece Rowan was a bit confused by Justin's beard. See, she's only two-years-old and we haven't seen her since Christmas so it takes a little while for her to adjust to us.

Luckily, it didn't take long for Rowan to start calling me "Auntie Caroline" but I think she was still a bit confused about Justin. Who is this guy, huh?

But Rowan is a smart one. She figured him out soon enough.

"Jesus!" she called to him. "Jesus, come look at this!"


Apparently, Justin bears an uncanny resemblance to the drawings of Jesus in Rowan's "Bible for Beginner's" book. Justin has a beard...Jesus has a beard...they must be the same person!

Yep, that means I'm married to Jesus! How cool is that?