You better hold me to it!

Over the weekend my writing pal, the awesome Tyhitia Green, and I decided that we needed to get our butts into gear and finish our WIPs. So we came up with an awesome and crazy idea...

Why not set a daily writing goal?!

1500 words per day for the month of June!

I know, I know. It's so brilliant, right? Maybe we should patent this idea and make millions off of it!


Anyway, our mission kicked off today and I'm really hoping that I'll be able to finish it. See, I'm a very s-l-o-w writer. I can type super fast (85 WPM baby!) but it takes me a LONG time to finish a rough draft. I am much like a sloth in this regard.

Cue picture of a cuddly baby sloth:

But I'm determined to do this! Why? Because this means I can finally finish my languishing YA novel and because I'll get a sweet reward. If I complete this goal, I'm going to let myself gorge on the sweet delectables at Praline--an adorable French bakery near my parent's house. Yum!

And if I don't finish this goal, I will host a book giveaway on my blog where the winner will receive the book of her choice from B&N (under $20, please!).

There you have it! This is my writing goal for the month--and you better hold me to it!