Behold! The Amazing Onion!

Last April, my sister and I discovered a severely overgrown onion and potato lying in our parents' pantry. Behold, we took pictures of them:

We named these monstrosities Bud (the potato) and Peg (the onion), and we decided to plant them in some of our mother's gardening pots. What the hell, we thought. This would make for an interesting experiment, right?

Surprisingly, it didn't take long for Bud and Peg to thrive in their new environment. Bud blossomed into a raggedy-looking bush while Peg's shoots continued to shoot upwards. Unfortunately though, our mother was unaware of our little experiment and unknowingly threw away Bud and replaced him with a pepper plant. A pepper plant! Gah!

RIP Bud.

As the spring turned into the summer and the summer turned into the fall, my sister and I soon forgot about Peg. (How cruel.) Eventually I moved back to North Carolina and Kristy headed off to her freshman year in college. We figured Peg probably died in the giant Snowpocalypse of 2010.

Little did we know...

While I was home in April, I noticed Peg had not only survived the winter--she had grown almost a foot long! She grew...she grew...she grew...and NOW look at what she's become!

She stands over three-feet-tall! And she's sprouted a giant flower! (Photographs courtesy of my sister since I'm still in North Carolina.) Wowzah! Who would've thought that a little ol' purple onion could grow into such gargantuan proportions?

This got my sister and I thinking...what if someone planted a whole field of onion flowers? It'd look SO cool! I mean, these plants are a little alien looking--long stalks and weird bulbous flowers. It would surely be a sight to behold.