June 24, 2010

What Would You Ask Jim?

My ever-so-fabulous agent, Jim McCarthy, has kindly agreed to an interview on my blog!


Right now, I'm gathering a list of questions I'd like to ask in the interview, which should be posted early next week. Thus far, I've come up with generic stuff like what he's currently looking for in his slush pile and what projects he has coming out soon...but that's about it. I think I need some help!

So I'd like to open up this post to hear your suggestions. What questions would you like to get answered? What would you ask Jim?


  1. ooh fun!

    -do agents pal around together outside of working hours?
    -what percentage of his time does he spend on slush, and how long is his workweek?
    -what's his favorite writing or scifi/fantasy conference to go to? Which ones would he suggest for writers in various stages (ie prequery, during submission, have-agent-but-not-sale(yet), post-sale-pre-pub etc)
    -what's his favorite recently-published non-client novel?

    Sorry if this is too late, I was out of town all last week. Can't wait to read the interview!

  2. Oh, fantastic suggestions, Lynn! I plan on sending Jim my list of questions later today and I definitely need to include some of these! Thank you!