June 1, 2010

I think I just cursed myself...

This afternoon, I headed to Target to buy a baby gift for one of my best friends in the whole world. My good pal Allison, whom I've known since our seventh-grade Spanish class, recently had a baby boy and I wanted to buy a cute outfit or two for little Leo to wear. (Isn't Leo such a great name?!)

As I strolled through the aisles of good ol' Target, however, I couldn't help but stare at the most adorable dresses and skirts and bathing suits for baby girls. Holy cuteness! Such lovely patterns and designs--all wrapped up in pint-sized proportions.

Right then and there, a single thought ran through my head: "Man, I really hope I have a baby girl one day so I can dress her up in all this cute stuff...."

Gah! I've probably cursed myself because of this. The gods shall play a joke on me, I'm sure! Whenever Justin and I start pumping out babies (well, just two babies, please), I will probably have all boys. And not only will they be boys, they shall be the sort of boys who love dirt and bugs and spitting and camping. Which will make Justin quite happy...

Of course, I will love my dirty bug-loving boys as well. I will squeeze them and hug them and give them kisses on their muddy faces.

And maybe--just maybe--they'll let me dress them up! Erm, I'll be sure to dress them up in very manly things. :o)


  1. Yeah, you'll love them no matter what. But I'll tell you- dressing up a little girl really is so much fun!

  2. Girl clothes are sooo much more fun! Too bad I have three of those muddy boys you mentioned. There are benefits to all boys, one being that they are VERY low maintenance!

    I buy the cutsie dresses for my niece!

  3. Boy clothes under 1 year are pretty cute too. You can also get all sorts of stuff that says I love Mommy. This still doesn't out weigh the cute girl stuff though. I'm having more fun with dressing her, sad to say. BTW I can't wait until you pump out your first little munchkin. I'm sure they'll be adorable.

  4. OMG Caroline! Ella has the dress you have pictured! She calls it her "flower girl" dress and it's so adorable on:-)

  5. I love little boy clothes. I think Theo wears the cutest stuff. I'm actually having a hard time finding lots of little girl stuff I like, although that dress is adorable.

  6. Stephanie, thanks for the comment! Man, I really do hope I'll have a little girl to dress up one day!

    Julie, wow, three boys! You know, that actually sounds like a lot of fun, too! As a kid, I loved playing with all of my brother's toys, like Legos and dinosaurs. Are your boys pretty close to one another in age?

    Adrienne, how are things going with you? I was just telling Justin how it's been about a year since your wedding. How crazy is that? A whole year! And you're a mama again, too!

    Lindsay, NO WAY! I adore that dress so much. (I kind of wish they had a grown-up size! Haha.) And how cute that your daughter's name is Ella! I love that name.

    Lex, I think little boy stuff is cute, too! I bought Allison the most adorable onesie with submarines on it. I know it doesn't sound very cute, but somehow Dwell Studio has made submarines quite cool-looking!

  7. i would choose to have boys more than girls. because at some point, these little girls want to dress themselves no matter how cute you think another outfit is. they will wear polkadot tights with skirts that don't match with a shirt of another color, with their rain boots and call it good.

    it drives me nuts.

    my son will wear whatever the heck i put in his drawer (almost) and is so much easier to buy for.

    while i'm sure there are boys and girls that are opposite of mine, this is what i've got. and if i have another girl, i just might lose my mind.:) but i'll love them just like you'll love all those boys you'll have. (but my girl also likes to catch frogs and snakes, loves to get muddy and refuses to let me do her hair. yet loves dress ups. go figure.)

  8. Everyone wants a "little me" to dress up and make cute. Unfortunately, I too was blessed with 3 boys. I choke up every time I pass the frilly dresses. *sniff* I hope you get a pigeon pair so you can experience the best of both worlds because boys are fun too.