Caroline in Threes

So my friend, the fabulous Lindsay Currie, tagged me with a fun "Me in Threes" questionnaire. So without further adieu...


Three names I go by:

1.) Caroline - It's pronounced Caroline, not Carolyn. My former boss did not understand the difference. Harumph.
2.) Carol - My entire family calls me this, but all my friends call me Caroline. Weird, huh?
3.) Swoff - Justin's nickname for me. Long story...

Three jobs I've had:

1.) Freelance writer - Great job, but it's easy to get lazy. :o)
2.) Curatorial Assistant - I got a discount on space ice cream. Can't beat that.
3.) Research Assistant - Need help with using a microfilm machine? I'm your woman!

Three places I've been and loved:

1.) Outer Banks, North Carolina - Justin and I met started dating here!
2.) Paris, France - Cheese! Bread! Pastries! I think I gained ten pounds in three days...
3.) Lake District, England - I'm trying to convince Justin to go back with me. I've posted a picture below. It's so gorgeous, isn't it?

Three movies I love:

1.) The Princess Bride - "Mawiage! Mawiage is what bwings us togethah twoday!" Need I say more?
2.) The Cutting Edge - I can't help it. I watched this movie at my fourth grade birthday party and I still love it.
3.) Up! - Sorry "The Hurt Locker," but I was rooting for "Up!" to win Best Picture. Ah well. Animated movies always get the shaft!

Three TV shows I can't miss:

1.) Top Chef - The newest season is in DC! Ah, so excited! My hometown!
2.) 30 Rock - I love Liz Lemon. And I absolutely loved Michael Sheen's guest appearance as "Wesley Snipes." Haha.
3.) So You Think You Can Dance - Sometimes, I really wish that I was a dancer on Broadway... Of course, I also wish that I have a personal chef and live in London.

Three books I recently read and loved:

1.) "Gimme a Call"
2.) "Hex Hall"
3.) "The Lovely Bones" - I re-read this after I watched the movie. *Swoon* Love Alice Sebold's prose. There's talent right there.

Three things I'm really, really looking forward to:

1.) Moving back up to DC and seeing my sister everyday! Gotta love little sisters.
2.) Visiting New York in August or September. Can you believe that Justin has never been to NYC before? Astonishing, eh? I can't wait to eat my way through the city with him. Any recommendations? I'd love to hit up one of Bobby Flay's or Jonathan Waxman's restaurants.
3.) Getting my book out on submission! Er...of course, I need to revise it for my agent first.

And now, here are three people that I'm tagging!

1.) Lex

Happy blogging!