May 21, 2010

TV Recap!

Another 'Surviving Rejection' post will come shortly, but I wanted to chat about some fave shows of mine this past week.


1.) Glee. OMG! Totally, totally loved this week's episode. Artie's mall dance! The duet between Rachel and Ms. Corcoran! *Swoon* I love me some of that Idina Menzel--that voice, that voice! Wouldn't it be awesome if her super-hot husband Taye Diggs made a guest appearance on Glee as well?

I really think Glee is getting back on track. After the show came back on air this spring, I kind of felt like it was grasping for plot lines. (Note to Glee's writers: this is what happens when you tie up everything so nicely right before the winter hiatus!) But now, I'm really excited to see what happens next.

2.) Lost. Oh, beloved Lost! I have watched you since you first premiered and I'm really bummed that you're about to end. This week's episode was rather intriguing. Jack as the future Jacob? Ben turns evil yet again? What's going on with Desmond, huh?

But I still have not forgiven you, Lost, for killing off Jin and Sun! That made me so mad. SO MAD! You better show them living happily ever after in the parallel universe...or else!

3.) CSI. I think Laurence Fishburne has been doing a fabulous job since William Petersen (AKA Gil Grissom) exited the show. Granted, I don't watch CSI every week but I made sure to watch the season finale since it promised to resolve the intriguing "Dr. Jekyll" plotline.

Holy cow! Did you guys catch the end of the episode? DID NOT see that one happening. Oh, man...

Anyway, did you any of you guys catch these shows? What did you think about Artie's mall dance? What do you think will happen on Lost's last act? And what do you think will happen to poor Laurence Fishburne who was stabbed repeatedly in CSI's last few seconds?


  1. our TiVO (or maybe the users) messed with the Glee recording...hopefully I will be able to watch in online tonight
    LOST- I am so sad. I feel like we should have a wake for one of my most favorite shows ever. What will I do now?
    Hope you guys are good. We miss you. We will be in town in a couple of weeks if you want to get together

  2. I'd love to hang out, Liz! Definitely let us know when you guys are in town! Wow, I'm sure Emily and Adam are so big now. And we haven't even met the baby!

    Maybe when we get together we'll have a funeral for Lost. :o)

  3. I am so excited for the finale of Lost! I'm mostly concerned about the following: a) will we see Juliet again? b) what exactly happened with the whole bomb thing? and c) who the eff is Jack's baby momma?

    And Glee. Oh I just think Lea Michele is fabulous, and I hope she gets seduced over to Vocal Adrenaline just for a minute.

  4. Aly,

    What did you think about the Lost finale? Love it? Hate it?

    Here's my question... So the bomb triggered the purgatory sequence? I'm still a bit confused. But at least Juliet came back!

    Can't wait for Glee tonight! Lady Gaga!!!