November 19, 2009


I propel myself back into the blogging world because I can't keep quiet about the most horrendous hairstyle on the Project Runway finale.


Meet Suzy Menkes---supposedly a famous fashion reporter and the guest judge on the a PR finale. Honestly, did anyone else have flashbacks of Cameron Diaz' iconic locks in "There's Something About Mary" while listening to Menkes give her critiques?

Dear God, I hope Ms. Menkes' hair isn't being styled with the same "gel" Cameron Diaz found in the movie. Oh, dear heavens...

These psycho bangs distracted me so much during the judging that I didn't even get upset when Irina ended up winning. I was too enthralled/aghast at the sight before my eyes to notice that Bitchy McBitch won the Project Runway title. (Although I grudgingly admit that Irina should've won. Her collection was the best by far.)

Well, that's it for now. Back to packing and cleaning and getting ready for my move back down to NC. Justin's coming back in less than a week!


  1. Yeah for the hubs coming home! I'm so excited for you. We'll miss you around DC...

  2. That hair is hideous. I would be distracted to. I'm happy that Justin is coming home and you are moving back to NC. You two will be honeymooning again.

  3. Welcome back babe!

    Why is it that sometimes people who are "icons in the fashion industry" look so horrible?! I will never understand that.

    Woot for Justin coming home! My don't ya'll come out to Portland? I've even got a real guest room now!

  4. I am so glad that this horrible hair style forced you to blog again. I just finished watching the finale. I swear that when Heidi introduced Suzy McCrazyHair that Carol Hannah was laughing at her. Really.

    Yay for Justin's return!!!! That is such good news.

  5. Kim - It was so fun seeing you and the other London gals a few weeks ago! Please say hello to Diana for me tonight!

    Adrienne - Haha. I'm glad you think the hairstyle is just plain hideous too. :o) Hopefully, she washes her hair more than we did our freshman year...

    Kris - We'd love to come visit you in Portland some time! We're actually thinking about moving to the Northwest once Justin starts applying to law school. Woot! It'd be so fun to live close to you!

    Lex - Oh, glad to hear you're still watching PR too! Who was your favorite this season? I wanted Carol Hannah to win, but I didn't think her collection was as cohesive as Irina's. Alas.

  6. Me too! The whole time I was watching it, I was thinking, "does she know that's what she looks like? Really?"

    Carol Hannah was my favorite too, although I think all the designers were sort of lame this year. I liked that Shirin girl and Epperson too.