Only in the Prov...

It's been nearly a week since my trip out to Utah, which means I've had sufficient time to digest my experiences during my brief jaunt to the motherland. During my three days at BYU, I started to notice a few things that seemed quite bizarre to me.

And I've come to one main conclusion:

There are certain things---certain events, really---that only happen in Provo.

Case in point...
While walking back to my sister's dorm room, I noticed a young man walking towards me with a happy spring to his step and a wide grin on his face. As he passed the students who crossed his path, his eyes brightened and he pronounced, "Hello! How are you? Isn't it a beautiful day?"

Whoa! Is this guy trying to sell me something?

And here's something else...

After I ordered a freshly-squeezed orange juice from Jamba Juice, the girl who worked there told me she loved my dress and then proceeded to give me a free upgrade on my order. Whoa! My brain nearly exploded from the excessive kindness.

Had I just been transported back to 1950s Mayberry? Or into the community of the Stepford Wives?

Nope, I was just in the Prov. The Happy Valley. After four years away from BYU, I had merely forgotten how unusually nice and smiley the students there could be.

Now I'm just an old unsmiling prune who lives on the East Coast.


But I still love that Jamba Juice.