September 2, 2009

Only in the Prov...

It's been nearly a week since my trip out to Utah, which means I've had sufficient time to digest my experiences during my brief jaunt to the motherland. During my three days at BYU, I started to notice a few things that seemed quite bizarre to me.

And I've come to one main conclusion:

There are certain things---certain events, really---that only happen in Provo.

Case in point...
While walking back to my sister's dorm room, I noticed a young man walking towards me with a happy spring to his step and a wide grin on his face. As he passed the students who crossed his path, his eyes brightened and he pronounced, "Hello! How are you? Isn't it a beautiful day?"

Whoa! Is this guy trying to sell me something?

And here's something else...

After I ordered a freshly-squeezed orange juice from Jamba Juice, the girl who worked there told me she loved my dress and then proceeded to give me a free upgrade on my order. Whoa! My brain nearly exploded from the excessive kindness.

Had I just been transported back to 1950s Mayberry? Or into the community of the Stepford Wives?

Nope, I was just in the Prov. The Happy Valley. After four years away from BYU, I had merely forgotten how unusually nice and smiley the students there could be.

Now I'm just an old unsmiling prune who lives on the East Coast.


But I still love that Jamba Juice.


  1. That's so cool you got to take your sister there. Too bad she doesn't live in 424 U hall. That would be great!

  2. Caroline I was just blog surfing through Liz and Reid and found your blog. It was nice to catch up on you and Justin. Sorry that he is deployed. Deployments are hard. Say hi to him from the Delaps. It sounds like you have had a great summer.

  3. Adrienne!

    I'm so sad they tore down DT! Our beloved U Hall is no more. But we still have so many fun memories of our freshman year, don't we?

    Oh, the Beto's by Macey's was shut down too! Man...what's happening to the Prov?


    So good to hear from you! Where did you guys move? And I'm sure Elizabeth must be so big now! What have you been up to?

  4. People are always happy the first week! Classes haven't started yet! Haha.