May 2, 2009

The Spelling Police has reprimanded you!

Okay, class! Settle down, settle down.

Today's lesson concerns a common spelling error I've noticed on various blogs and websites. As your resident Spelling Nazi, I must attempt to correct this little mistake.

Shall we begin then?

Lose vs. Loose.

This is our lesson for today. Here are a couple of examples---try to guess which ones are used correctly and which ones are not.

1. "This is not good---I'm going to lose this checkers game!"
2. "I can't wait to loose another twenty pounds so I can squeeze into my spandex tuxedo again."
3. "Goodness me, that prostitute over there is quite a loose woman!"

Any volunteers?

All right then. Number 1 and 3 are used correctly. Number 2, unfortunately, is not.

Lose. A verb. Meaning "to come to be without."
Example: "If I lose any more money gambling, then I'm going to have to auction off my mini horse!"

Loose. An adjective. Meaning "free from restraint" or "relaxed in nature" or "sexually promiscuous" (Naughty!)
Example: "Why are my pants so loose? Ah, it's because I've accidentally put on my grandmother's trousers."

Remember that?

Okay, here's one last reminder.

Lose rhymes with news and moos and twos.

Loose rhymes with noose and moose and goose.

Can you loose a moose with a noose wrapped around it's neck? No! But can you lose it? Yes!

Thank you, class. You are dismissed.


  1. I think the next one you should explain to us all is text vs. texted. Remember that debate. I'm sure you were right all along about it. Hehe

  2. OR how about they're vs. there vs. their? That's my fav...

  3. hi caroline ...its been forever! I was wondering, however if you posted this spelling lesson because of me? Did I spell it wrong? Hahahaha ... I can handle it if I put you over the edge to post! hahaha :)

    Anyway - hope you are happy and healthy! I am finishing up graduate school in june ... whew ... its crazy.

  4. Adrienne,

    Haha! I do remember that infamous text vs. texted debate.... Don't remember if I was on the right side of that battle or not.


    Sadly, I'm sometimes guilty of the they're/their/there thing! But luckily I usually catch myself.


    Haha. No, you're not the culprit! Indeed, I think you have fantastic grammar and spelling on your blog. After all, aren't all BYU MOA interns required to have such a talent? :o)

    Congrats on finishing grad school soon! So awesome!