We're adopting a white baby!

Ain't this little white baby as cute as a button?

We found her crawling by the dumpster the other day and decided to take her in. (Lots of rednecks around here abandon their young'uns in our garbage. Stupid hicks.) Thus far, we've discovered that she likes to eat, poop, cry, and wet her bed. Yet we put up with her antics because we hear these white babies sell pretty well on the black market.

Okay, okay, all April Fool's joking aside...

A couple weeks ago, Justin and I headed to Indianapolis to spend some time with his family before he heads out on deployment. It was especially fun to see our little niece Rowan because we haven't seen her since September. (Whoa, these babies grow really fast!)

My favorite quote of the week? Justin points at Rowan and whispers to me, "Are babies all that much work?"

My answer: "Um yes, honey. They are."

Justin: "Okay, I just want a dog then..."

Looks like we're getting dog once he gets back from the Philippines!

Anyway, Justin leaves next week and will be gone for six months. *Sigh* I will miss him terribly. And will be counting down the days until he gets back...