July 9, 2008

Go Kristy!

So my funny, smart, and wonderful little sister is going to the Democratic National Convention in August! I am very proud of her and very jealous of her too. Not only does she get to attend a once-in-a-lifetime event---she gets to attend said event in a very historic election year.

She's going to Denver! She's going to rub elbows with cool people! She's going to meet Barack Obama! (Well, probably not that last part but who knows?)

Did I mention I'm jealous?


  1. Oh my God! That's Kristy!? She's so tall and doesn't look like the 12 year old in my memory! What's she going for?

  2. Hehe. Kids...they grow up so fast!

    Kristy's going for some kind of youth leadership thing--and she gets to miss the first four days of school too.

    I wish I could be a chaperone or something... :)

  3. That is really awesome.

    By the way, I love your shoes in that picture. Very cute.

  4. Wow, Kristy is so OLD. She's as tall as you! It's all very mind boggling.