July 7, 2008

Fun with the In-Laws

"Oh, that guy blew his wad too early."

--- My mother-in-law

Justin's mom uttered these short eight words as we watched the Track and Field Olympic Trials where a long-distance runner ran out of steam towards the end of his race.

My poor husband turned to me in a look of horrified panic after his petite ballet-teaching mother spoke these words. The memory of his expression is seared into my mind...



  1. o_0 This is my best attempt at shocked look :)

  2. How funny. Rob's parents are staying at my house right now and helping me with watching Sam while I'm at work. Yesterday I think they called Sam... Trevor (their grandson) like 5 times. I don't correct them, but it is really funny. I can't imagine how you felt. Hilarious.

  3. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha