The Little State That Could

"Maryland, which last went Republican for president in 1988, is a state that bleeds Democratic blue."

This quote was printed in Salon today and I couldn't have been prouder of my home state. Maryland! The little blue state that bleeds blue through and through. We may be small but we pack a strong liberal punch.

So here's to Maryland! It may be small. It may resemble a strange-looking pair of underwear. But us Marylanders are here to stay!

And now...for some random facts about the Old Line State:
1.) Maryland is comparable in size to the country of Belgium. (Is Belgium really that small?)
2.) Maryland's state sport is jousting.
3.) Maryland is the wealthiest state in the country! (Boo-ya California!)
4.) In 1790, Maryland ceded land to create the District of Columbia. Virginia gave some land too but later took it back. Dirty no-good Virginians...
5.) The Star-Spangled Banner was written in Fort McHenry, Maryland during the War of 1812.
6.) America's first umbrellas were manufactured in Baltimore, circa 1828.
7.) Famous Marylanders include: Thurgood Marshall, Frederick Douglass, Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger Taney (who was really, really racist), Spiro Agnew, Edgar Allen Poe, Babe Ruth, and the ever illustrious Toni Braxton.