October 18, 2007

Six months already?

This upcoming Friday, Justin and I will be celebrating our six-month anniversary! Time really does fly and I can't believe that we've been married now for half a year. Here is a picture of us taken on our recent trip to the wonderful city of Charleston, South Carolina. (Honestly, I didn't want to leave the city or its delicious pralines.)

For our anniversary we've decided to go to a nice restaurant up in DC called Farrah Olivia (it's actually in Old Town Alexandria, but close enough). The head chef of the place appeared on Iron Chef America and is currently on the reality show The Next Iron Chef on the Food Network. The chef, who is from Africa, mixes modern American cuisine with African accents. Sounds interesting!

Anyway, I just have to say that I have the most wonderful husband that I could ever ask for. In the morning before I wake up, he unloads the dishwasher and takes out the trash because he knows I hate doing them. He loves me despite the fact that I can be as lazy as a cat, as sleepy as a newborn, and as hungry as one of those contestants on The Biggest Loser. He patiently listens to my rants on feminism and the plights of women throughout history. He is supportive, kind, funny, so smart, and has the prettiest green eyes to boot. And he is just plain wonderful. Everything I could have asked in a spouse he has in spades.

To our first six months and many more!


  1. Anonymous12:51 PM

    This man you say you're married to makes me look bad. I'll have to have a talk with him.

    ~Your husband,

  2. Here's to your first six months and the next sixty years (or so)! Justin is lucky to have you too... Especially with your gorgeous long hair!

  3. I'm so happy for you Caroline! Justin seems terribly terrific. And I'm happy you went to Charleston. You know it's my favorite place in SC. We should chat more often. Give me a call or I'll call you some time soon. Lots of love my friend. And by the way, you look great!

  4. Fun to see a picture of you two! Happy six months

  5. I'm glad you are so happy! I agree that your long hair is gorgeous- seeing your picture really made me miss you. Oh, and I also REALLY hate unloading the dishwasher. God Bless our dishwaher-unloading husbands.

  6. wow, i can't believe it's already been 6 months! i feel like I was just saying how beautiful your wedding pics are. Love that you two are perfect for each other! the restaurant sounds great - let us know how it is.

  7. Hear hear! Yay Justin. But of course, it's to be expected that he would bow down to the royal Princess Caroline.