October 12, 2007

Attack of the Silicone Dolls!

A couple of weeks ago, Justin and I watched an interesting---and very strange---documentary about life-sized silicone dolls and the men who purchased them. Broadcasted on BBC America, the documentary titled "Love Me, Love My Doll" followed the lives of four men in the UK and the US who bought and lived with their so-called Real Dolls.

Before this documentary, I had only heard of blow-up sex dolls that I occasionally saw in baudy movies like "Old School." I thought life-sized dolls were pretty much a joke---gag gifts given out at bachelor parties or a funny addition to an immature fraternity. But nobody took these dolls seriously, did they?

Indeed some people do. One of the men in the documentary, a computer engineer in England, had two life-sized dolls who seemed to be his only friends. He dressed them up every morning and would sometimes take one for a drive with him. After his mother died a few years before (whom he had lived with), the man decided to purchase the dolls for companionship and, ahem, sexual purposes. In fact, these dolls are made for sex. Their figures, a la Pamela Anderson, could grace the cover of any Playboy. They have slim waists, toned bottoms, and gimundo ta-tas. (I mean HUGE. I mean my eyes popped out of my head when I saw one of the doll's breasts. We're talking H-cup boobs.)

Another man, a Virginia hillbilly who lived in the backwoods, proudly stated that he preferred his dolls to real women any day of the week. After years of rejection in the dating world, this man decided to hell with real women and purchased two dolls to satiate any desires he may have.

After watching the documentary, I noted three categories of men who buy these dolls:

1.) The lonely guy who never had many friends and who had even fewer girlfriends. This is the guy you always felt sorry for in school because he didn't have any social skills. I suppose after decades of loneliness, these men turn to dolls for companionship because they can't seem to connect with any other human being.

2.) The horny guy who gets a kick out of banging a hot-looking (albeit non-living) doll. Yep, there was one of these guys on the show too. In fact, he had so many dolls that he didn't have any more room to store them. Gross.

3.) The plain old weird guy who actually preferred a synthetic doll over a real human companion. One of the men featured on the documentary named Davecat (yes, this was his name) fell into this category. In Davecat's mind, he was having a relationship with an inorganic human versus an organic one. He also spent hours applying make-up to his beloved doll as well as buying her clothes. At one point he fondly recalls the first few weeks after she had arrived, remarking that they had had sex frequently.

Anyway, it was a fascinating documentary even though it was a little spooky. Some of the men I felt a little sorry for while others just plainly disturbed me.


  1. Creepy creppy creepy. I've heard of these dolls before, but didn't know they were so popular and, well, loved. Yuck.

    What confuses me is why they need more than one. It's a doll, not like they have different personalities or anything. And aren't they pretty expensive? How does a hillbilly afford more than one?

    Anyway, you are a brave, brave soul for watching that film.

  2. Hmm, interesting. As strange as it is, there are a lot more harmful sexual fetishes than life-size dolls. For example, I think it's much nicer that they play with their dolls than hire a prostitute or do something non-consensual. Whatever floats your boat!

  3. Aly, they are really expensive! Around $7000 for one and this doesn't include all of the clothes and extra wigs that their owners buy.

    I don't have a huge problem with the dolls if a customer purchases them for sexual means. I agree with Allie that there are indeed much nastier sexual fetishes out there.

    But two of the men in the documentary just freaked me out a little. Davecat just took things too far in my mind, actually believing that his doll was a human being---albeit in a different form. (I see his perspective as a bit demeaning to real breathing women.)

    And the hillbilly too from rural Virginia. He just seemed insane (not because of the dolls, just insane). He seemed like the kind of guy who made bombs out in the woods and mailed them to people.

    Anyway, it was a really interesting documentary. I'm sure BBCAmerica would broadcast it again. Be sure to watch it!

  4. Interesting, that's for sure. Your comment about the H-cup boobs made me laugh. At least the dolls' breasts are perky! My G-cup boobs (yes, that's right, it's what breastfeeding will do to you) are no longer the vavavooms I want them to be. So much for gravity.

  5. There is a feature film coming out about this very topic called Lars and the Real Girl. It stars Ryan Gosling and I guess delves into the complexities of a man's full on relationship with a sex doll.