Whoa Nelly!

Polygamists are picketing for the right to have multiple wives! Egads!

"Polygamy rights is the next civil-rights battle," says Mark Henkel, who is the founder of a Christian evangelical polygamy organization. Henkel argues that if a child can have two mommies, then it is should be legal for her to have two mommies and a daddy.

Gay and lesbian activist groups contend against this slippery-slope ideology. Yet Henkel's argument brings up an interesting point: what is the government's role in defining marriage?

I'm not asking whether or not we should legalize gay marriage or polygamous marriage. My question is this: where does the government draw the line? Why is one marriage right but another wrong? Should the government even have a say in who should or shouldn't get married? Where indeed do we seek this sort of guidance?

From God? (But how do we do so in a secular nation?)

From philosophy? (Yes, but which philosophy do we choose?)

From the people? (Can we trust the view of the masses if they are so prone to change after a few decades?)

What do you think?