A Little Thing called "24"

I've heard the TV show "24" is addicting. But I have resisted.

Then I read Lindsey's blog about how great it is, and the temptation grew.

And then I went home for the weekend and was a little bored and we just so happen to have seasons 1-3 on DVD. And so I watched...

and watched...

and watched for six straight shows.

It is what the Chinese say, "Bong Shi Le." All right, I kind of made that up, but roughly translated it means "it's so good, it's the best to death."

Chinese is a weird language. You put "shi le" or "to death" at the end of an adjective and it multiplies the meaning of the adjective by 100. For instance, you can say "pang shi le" or "fat to death," which means that someone is so incredibly fat that they are fat-to-death. My favorite is "chou shi le." Translation: "ugly to death," or "Your mama is so fugly that I took one look and died."

Back to "24" though... For some reason I started watching season 2 before season 1. I'm weird like that, yo. I'm so excited though to watch the first three seasons! I don't have to wait each week for a new episode; I can watch them all in one sitting.

So I guess this is my new life: space by day and "24" by night.