July 4th Update

Happy Independence Day everyone!

Yeah, yeah, I know July 4th was two days ago, but I hope y'all had a nice holiday with plenty of hot dogs, hamburgers, and fireworks!

My brain isn't functioning properly today, which means I don't have anything meaningful/funny/useful to blog about. So here's just a quick update on what's going on in my life:

1.) Justin and I are leaving Fayetteville forever on July 22nd! Haha! Goodbye ugly military town! Hello DC!

2.) Which means we're packing. Ugh. And cleaning. Ughhhhhh.

3.) Do books secretly copulate at night? I mean, seriously. I didn't think I would need to buy more boxes after our last move, but I keep finding books all over our apartment--in my closet, buried underneath my clothes, under the sofa, etc. My books must be shagging at night and creating little book babies! Yes, that must be it.

4.) I'm sort of re-writing my MG novel. Shh! Don't tell Jim... I can't help myself though. I keep re-reading the chapters and thinking to myself, "Gah! This is so poorly written! Must fix! Delete, delete!"


Heh, I just had to throw in a little Homestar Runner reference...

5.) Planning trips! Man, oh man, I'm so excited! After three years of marriage, Justin and I are finally taking our honeymoon in September. We're going to St. Lucia! And we were able to find a package at an all-inclusive hotel for 55% off the regular price! Ahh!

6.) Scuba lessons. Gulp. In preparation for our St. Lucia vacation, Justin wants us to get SCUBA-certified so we can swim through cool reefs and shipwrecks during our stay. I'll be honest, I'm kind of freaked out about this. What if my oxygen tank goes kaput? What if I swim to the surface too fast? What if a shark bites me and I DIE? Hmm...I might be the most risk-averse person on the planet.

7.) Speaking of trips, Justin and I are planning a jaunt up to New York for a long weekend in August. Can you believe that he's never been to New York before? The horror! I'd like to drag him to the Met and the MoMa and maybe even the Cloisters, but I think he'd rather watch "American Idiot" and hang out with his friends. Ah well.

Well, back to packing and editing!