Imagine my delight when I discovered that peaches were on sale at Costco. Eight juicy delicacies for a mere five dollars! Not bad, not bad, I thought.

When the Costco employees weren't looking, I popped open one of the peach containers and poked the flesh of the fruit. Soft to the touch. These babies were dark yellow, immensely round, and smelled like a Georgian dream. Yum!

Thus, can you imagine my disdain when I bit into one of my prized purchases and all I could taste was sandy mush? How can something that looks and smells so good taste like utter crap?

Costco, I want my money back, you fools!

On a happier note, I also purchased nine yummy cream cheese danishes. These pastries were also soft to the touch and dreamy to smell---plus they taste like heaven. I love cream cheese!