Why I Love Global Warming

I'm going to say something very selfish...

I love global warming! What's so wrong with mild winters? What's so wrong with taking a leisurely stroll on the Mall on a January afternoon? What's so wrong with leaving my parka, scarf, mittens, and ski mask at home and actually enjoying my commute to work?

The past few weeks in DC have been incredibly warm. Temperatures have reached the mid to high fifties every day. Winter nights feel like autumn afternoons. People are nicer to one another because they're not shoving each other on the streets in a bitter attempt to go indoors. I love warm weather and therefore I love global warming.

Is the Earth destined for doom and destruction if the average temperature is raised a few degrees? I think not. I'm sure the penguins would love to lay out and get a tan down in Antarctica. I'm sure the eskimos are long due for sunnier days. And I'm sure the grisly inhabitants of Siberia would be a lot happier if they didn't have to suffer from minus 20 degree nights, every night of the year.

Aren't we all so much happier when its spring and the long winter is finally over? Yes! We all love spring! Spring is a time for twitterpation and romance. So just imagine if the entire year was an everlasting spring, summer, and autumn. It would be marvelous.

Of course, I'm sure there are terrible biological consequences if global warming continues...but I choose to live in ignorance and just enjoy the nicer effects of this epidemic.

So three cheers for global warming! If I was to run for president, this would be my slogan.