Stay away from me!

Don't come close to me. I am a harbor for germs and viruses. I cough, I sneeze, and I have to blow my nose quite often.

I didn't go to work today, which makes me feel like a slacker because this is only my third week of work. But I just couldn't get out of bed because my head felt so heavy and hot. (Talk about hot face, Jana!) So, my head was hot, but my body was cold. It's a strange feeling.

I want to reiterate that I haven't been sick since my freshman year of high school. I was 14 then. I'm now 23. I almost made the ten-year mark, but this stupid disease had to catch hold of my body. This also reminds me how I went an entire eight years without throwing up. I threw up in seventh grade in my parents' van after we ate Chinese food. I almost puked on my grandma, but luckily my mom moved her in time. The last time I threw up was in May when I was in Mexico on a graduation trip. Alexis, Kristen, and I went on a sailboat to go out to an island that was inhabited by blue-footed boobies. The booby, as many of you know, is my favorite bird. Not only do they have blue feet and funny yellow eyes, they are named after a female body part! Haha!

So I threw up in Mexico---a pink mixture of orange juice, watermelon, and mango. Yum, the acidity felt so good in my throat! And the whole time I was seasick, Alexis and Kristen sipped free pinas and left me to my own devices! Haha...I'm still mad about that one. Just kidding.

Anyway, I have cloistered myself in my bedroom because my roommate has some boys over. I'm catching snippets of their conversation and all the boys like to discuss are Mormon girls and dating. Kind of boring, eh? Why is it that Mormons my age can only talk about dating and how much it sucks? Sometimes, everyone I talk to seems so bitter.

Why can't we talk about politics or literature or even pop culture? These conversations invariably drift to dating---the frustrations of dating, the stress it causes, the bitterness it leaves in our mouths. Whatever. I'm not thinking about marriage or dating, right now. Because, honestly, it's not something I can really control, so why worry about it? Hakuna matata, people!

My one wish is for Mormons in DC to hold a conversation that does not mention dating. None at all. Is this impossible? Perhaps...but these people haven't met Caroline Tung yet! No matter how hard they push, I won't indulge their passion for all things date-y.