August 3, 2014

Life, Lately

{I found this quite hilarious. And true.}

Lately, my life has felt ... 

Well, stretched. 

You know how sometimes you eat a gigantic plate of pasta drenched in alfredo sauce, and it is so delicious and creamy that you can't stop eating it—and oh, what's that? garlic bread? why, yes please!—and basically you keep devouring everything by the plate full ... until the carb coma sets in and you face-plant on your couch, worried that your stomach might burst from pasta-itis. 

That's sort of how my brain feels right now. Stretched

Ever since the baby's arrival, I've felt like I'm juggling three big bowling balls: mothering, writing, and everything else in between-ing. But this last week it seems like a wrecking ball was added into the mix between Justin's overseas work trips and a nasty pox that befell our house. Okay, it wasn't a pox. It was a terrible, no-good cold. But it felt like a pox so I shall call it that! 

I was venting (ie, crying) about all of this to Justin yesterday, and he tried to be very supportive and as always. And after my cry fest, I was reminded that all of these stressors in my life are indeed good things at the end of the day. Writing deadlines? I'm grateful to even have a deadline! Baby fussiness? But she's so cute too! Messy house? Eh, we'll live. (In squalor maybe.) The only bad thing, really, is the nasty pox but we're all on the mend now. Begone, vile pox!

All in all, I'm okay. We'll all be okay. And Justin and I have weathered much, much worse in our marriage. But I still sort of wish that I could escape to Hawaii for two weeks where I can order fancy drinks with pineapple wedges perched on the rim of each glass. Sounds heavenly, right? There'd be a full-time babysitter too, of course, and lots and lots of books. 

Ah, if only ...

So now I'm wondering: how do all of you balance everything? How do you juggle your life duties and responsibilities and shower at some point? Would love to hear your stories and advice!

Now if you'll excuse me, the Baby Overlord is VERY unhappy! Better get her some butter...

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  1. Have you tried cookie dough? Geoff found a company that makes edible cookie dough. Costs an arm and a leg though. You're a great Mom!! Just remember you're a working Mom! You are a full time writer and a full time Mom and sometimes a single-handedly taking care of everything. Cut yourself a break!!! A clean house is way overrated.
    I'm a mess most days, you know that, so my advice may not work, but you could always give it a shot.
    1. I call my Momma to vent and she so sweetly listens, then replies, "Thats horrible, what are you going to do?" A sympathetic ear works wonders. Call me!
    2. A good pillow scream could be helpful.
    3. Quit being indecisive - I know, easier said than done, but it really does help. This is the one aspect I have the most trouble with. Thank you OCD. When I let go (cue Frozen) and start crossing things off my list it makes me feel so much better.

    Speaking of getting things done... I need to get the first day of 1st grade sign done (1.5 weeks late). ;o)