January 24, 2014

Friday Five

{Delicious drinks from my recent baby shower!}

... One ...
Le Bebe is now due in twelve days! Twelve! I had a little bit of a freak out yesterday, feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of being a mom, but today I'm just excited to meet my little girl. I look forward to those long sleepless nights with you, my child!

... Two ...
For the last couple months, my to-do list has been rather burly between holiday stuff, pre-baby stuff, and writing-like-a-maniac stuff (final revisions, copyedits, first pass pages, option book proposal, oh my!). But today is the first day where I glanced at my to-do list and realized... I got a lot of crap done! The nursery is almost ready; I sent off my proposal to Agent Jim last night. And now, I have no idea what to do myself. Should I (GASP!) read a book?!

... Three ...
Speaking of books, do you have any recommendations for me? I plan on filling my Kindle with ebooks so I have something to read while I bounce a newborn in one arm. In particular, I'd love to add some funny books! Fiction, memoir, I'm totally open. Like Tina Fey's Bossypants or the new memoir from the Hyperbole and a Half blogger.

... Four ...
In utterly random news, I've been listening to a lot of country music lately. Blame it on Justin and his rural Indiana roots, I suppose. Right now, I'm loving "This Is How We Roll" by Florida Georgia Line. I'll admit it—I crank this baby up whenever it comes on the radio. :)

... Five ...
Last Saturday, my good friend Courtney hosted the very awesomest baby shower for me! Seriously, Courtney should be an event planner with her exquisite taste, superb craftiness, and all around amazing-ness. I felt so lucky and pampered! Thank you, CJ!

{Courtney ordered me a Nutella cake! It was divine.}

{Courtney asked everyone to bring the baby a picture book! So clever, right?}

{The shower was held at the Belle Haven Country Club in Alexandria, VA. It was lovely!} 
{Did I mention that Courtney is pregnant too? She's due in April with her third!}


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  2. Apparently I completely over used the word 'fun' and that had to be corrected. Can we blame that brain fart on a hard day and prego brain?
    I really did enjoy planning your shower. It's easy to put together a great event when it is for someone you love. Not to mention... you've done so many wonderful things for us and for others and this time it was your turn.
    So, thank you for being a great friend. You'll make an amazing mother (even though you listen to country). ;o)

  3. I love how the drinks have crystally stuff around the rim! And I think the bringing a pic book idea is so neat. Also, if you haven't listened to the recording of Samuel L. Jackson reading Go the Ef to Sleep- do yourself a favor and listen to it. You might just laugh your baby girl right out! ;)

  4. The Rosie Project was a fun book that I just read. Good luck on your labor and delivery and on getting used to no sleep!

  5. Wish I could've been there. You look stellar and bulbous. I love you!!! And you too, Le Bebe!

  6. The party looks so fun! As for fun book recommendations, do you read any romance? I discovered Kristan Higgins last year and looove her books. They are like the book version of goofy romantic comedies - which is perfect for me, because I tend to get nauseous when romance books are too serious. ;) Anyhow - my favorite was JUST ONE OF THE GUYS, but CATCH OF THE DAY is a close runner up. Enjoy this special time with your new addition! :)