Playing Catch Up!

{My boys!}
Yesterday night, right before we went to bed, Justin said to me: "You know, you haven't blogged in awhile."

Indeed, I haven't!

I've spent the last three weeks hunched in front of my laptop, pondering and rearranging and re-writing my manuscript. My editor's notes were incredibly insightful so I took her comments and ran with them...and I ended up running pretty far! Haha. As I skimmed through the manuscript before I sent it to Editor Jody yesterday, I noticed that I had revised or re-wrote a very good chunk of the book. Only one chapter was left unscathed!

I suppose that's my revision ritual. Whenever I tackle notes—whether they're from my beta readers or my agent or editor—I tend to revise a lot. Maybe I just can't help it? Of course, I much prefer revising than drafting, which is of the devil. Drafting! *Shudders*

Anyway, my brain is a bit frazzled so look at these pretty pictures! Last week Justin worked in Jacksonville, NC, for a few days, a town only a few miles from the Outer Banks. We rented a cute house, and I took strolls on the beach whenever my thoughts got too boggled from revisions. On one of our walks, we brought Otto along with us and introduced him to the ocean. (It freaked him out!) I love the above picture of the two of them. I like to call it Justin's "Hemingway photo" because he's smoking a cigar and hanging out on the beach with his dog. Granted, to truly channel Hemingway, we would need to be in Key West and swap Otto out for a six-toed cat. Still, close enough!

So how are you? What have you been up to lately? Update me!

{I forced myself out of bed one morning to photograph the sunrise!}

{The morning sunlight really casts a beautiful glow on the beach.}