September 15, 2013

I Made Business Cards! (And I'm Far Too Excited About Them!)

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I'm heading to a SCBWI conference in western Maryland on Saturday—my first conference in two years!—and so I've been tackling my pre-attendance check list. 

Cute outfit? I have a few options!
Comfy shoes? Of course!
Trusty pen for taking notes? Right in my purse!
Business cards? Oh yeah. Business cards... 

I bought a package of business cards in 2009 for my very first writers' conference (incidentally it's the same one I'm attending on Saturday!) but now the information is woefully out of date. Also, doesn't 2009 sound like it was ages ago? I mean, it was in a different decade! 

Now I feel old. I better move on before I age even more.

So I thought I'd try my hand at designing my own business cards and uploading them to because my friend Erin Bowman used Moo for her cards and they turned out fabulously. When in design doubt, follow Erin I say! I ended up designing four different themes for the front of the card (Moo allows you to upload up to 50!) as well as one version for the back. I've also opted for rounded corners, which I think adds a cute touch. Here's the back:

What do y'all think? Is the color blinding your eyes? As for the back of the card, I wasn't sure if I should include my phone number but I did it because my old cards had it and for aesthetic reasons. Once I get the final book cover and title change for ANOMALY, I'll make another set of cards or bookmarks to pass out, maybe to every single person I meet. ("Hi! Please buy my book! Here's a cookie!") Until then, I'll put these puppies to good use.

Anyway, how was your weekend? I had a lazy Saturday at the farmer's market and then met with friends for a picnic on Sunday. It was relaxing and rejuvenating, especially with the glorious autumn weather, and I almost feel ready to dive back into Round 2 of editorial revisions. I may need a few cookies first!


  1. Aw, these are adorable Caroline! LOVE.

    I'd recommend against adding your phone number. There will always be someone you meet who you'd like to give a card, but not necessarily a direct line to call you. And it would be a shame to have those nice cards and *not* hand them out half the time. In the event you do want someone to have your number, I'd just handwrite it on the card.

    You could replace your twitter handle with your phone number if you want to keep the layout balanced in threes. visit / email / tweet!

    Okay, I've written too much. Good luck with these. :)

    1. Ah, that's a really good point, E! I used to have my phone number on my old cards for freelancing purposes (in case I crossed paths with a magazine editor or the like) but you're definitely right that I don't want just about everyone having my number! Must revise then! :)

  2. I love the cards but agree with Erin about the phone number thing. There are so many electronic ways to contact, and I just don't feel comfortable giving out my phone number to just anyone. Otherwise, the cards are totally adorable! :)

    Oh and your new picture in the sidebar of the blog? Very cute!!

  3. LOVE these! I like Erin's idea of adding "tweet" with your twitter handle instead of your phone number. :)

  4. So cute, and I really like the rounded edges idea. I would remember getting handed a card like that. =)

  5. Erin has the right idea indeed, Caroline. I have a friend who wrote her number on a card once---ONCE! LOL. Er, seriously. We'll chat. ;-)

  6. Those are the cutest business cards, and now I so desperately want one of my own! I guess I should upgrade from carrying around (colorful, in my defense!) Post-It Notes, writing my name, and sticking it to people's hands.

  7. Love them! What a wonderful idea!!