July 17, 2013

What's Up Wednesday

What's Up Wednesday is a weekly meme, started by Jaime Morrow and Erin Funk, geared to help readers and writers touch base and let them know what's up. If you want join in, you can find the link widget on Jaime's and Erin's blogs!

Holy goodness, I've become a terrible blogger! Apologies, apologies! Here is a picture of Otto to make up for my laziness:

What I'm Reading
Harry Potter! On July 4th, I was flipping through the channels (as one does on a national holiday) when I found "Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban" playing on HBO. Of course, being the Potter-fan that I am, I just had to watch it! And afterward, I was in such a happy Hogwarts mood that I decided to re-read Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire...which led to me devouring Book 5 and Book 6 and Book 7. I simply couldn't stop! I loved immersing myself in this world again and longing for a book about Kingsley Shacklebolt. 'Cause I'm sure he has lots of adventures to tell.

What I'm Writing
I've actually been cheating on my YA sci-fi manuscript and working on a MG fantasy... Shh! Don't tell my other WIP! It has very sensitive feelings.

Honestly though, I've been in a bit of a writing pit. It feels like I've been treading water for days, but haven't gotten anywhere. So maybe switching genres and age groups is my ticket out of the pit? We shall see!

What's Inspiring Me Right Now
You guys! Thank you so very much for all of your comments and support in my previous blog post! I was so overwhelmed and verklempt by the response, and I feel so darned lucky to have you all as friends and readers! 

What Else I've Been Up To
Gosh, not much as of late! Since it is hot as Hades outside, I've been huddled in the house most of the day with Otto, thanking the gods for air conditioning. Seriously, how did people survive in DC before AC?! Especially when women were expected to wear ankle-length dresses and layers of petticoats. (So sweaty!) Did they faint all the time? 'Cause I totally would. Or maybe I would've moved to Canada.

In more exciting news, Justin and I are heading to the Netherlands at the end of the month! He's presenting at a conference at The Hague, and I'll be tagging along to do touristy things like taking pictures of windmills and admiring the canals and learning how to speed skate (or maybe not). It'll be a quick trip but I'm so looking forward to it!

So what have you been up to lately?


  1. Awww, Otto and his adorbs ears. <333

    I cheat on my wips all the time. Especially when I should be revising...the lure of a SNI is strong and I am weak. :)
    I hope your 'cheating' is exactly what the dr. ordered with regard to your writing slump.

    YAY YAY YAY (all the yays!) for a trip to the Netherlands! You will LOVE it there, lucky ducky. :)

    I agree, AC is THE best invention EVER.

    Have a marvelous week!


    When I was in India last year, I discovered what 107F without AC felt like... and I wore shorts and t-shirts. I can't imagine what it would be like to deal with that weather in anything heavier. And when I see people out and about in leather coats or Ugg boats here in the UK right now, I feel faint on their behalf!

  3. WOOF. Love your puppy! And congrats again on your book deal!!! Hitler winning WWII is so intriguing to me. I can't wait to read it, Caroline! The heat is so crazy now. Luckily it is supposed to cool down next week- at least here, in Boston. I hope so in DC as well.
    Have a great time in the Netherlands! :-)

  4. Have fun in the Neatherlands! I've always wanted to go there and am now super jealous.

  5. The Potter books need to be re-read periodically. I think it says that on the novelist job application, doesn't it? :)

    I can't work on more than one project at a time--a fact my SNIs hate. And they try to tempt me away, but I.... must.... stay.... strong...!

    All the best with your writing plans this week, Caroline! :)

  6. Look how big Otto is now and SO cute!

    Ah summer in DC, one thing I don't miss. Also most of hose people had immigrated from the UK where the sun barely shines! How did they cope!!!

    I can't wait to see all your Netherlands photos!

  7. *squeals* he's so cute!!! I think sometimes we need to cheat on our manuscripts to find that inspiration. I really need to reread the Harry Potter series. I only made it through the first four *hides behind a couch to avoid rocks*. DC humidity KILLS. But I do miss the fall there, so pretty!

  8. What a cute pup! I am also in the throes of rereading HP, as a read-aloud with the kids. So fun! How awesome that you're going to the NL. I lived there for a few years and it's such a fab place. The weather should be a little cooler (though with climate change, who knows?). Can't wait to hear about your adventures there!

  9. Love the picture of your Otto! And have a wonderful trip! One of these days I'm going to get my passport and venture to some of these great places I only read about. :)

    Also, good luck with the writing this week! Sometimes a change is the ticket out. Enjoy!


    I really want to re-read the entire HP series sometime soon. It's been a while since I've read the books.

    Good luck with your writing. I hope you find inspiration in your new idea!

    Your upcoming trip sounds awesome. Take lots of pics so we can live vicariously through you when you return!

  11. I've been a bad everything lately because I was at Comic Con, and now I have major SDCC hangover. Omg, what a surreal weekend, and did I mention I saw our favorite British gent TWICE this weekend???

    Ahem, anyway, OTTO! He is so big and adorable!!! How is he? I want to go back to the Netherlands again someday. Been there once, and it was beautiful. I hope you have lots of fun and take many, many pictures!