November 23, 2012

Friday Five

Happy belated Thanksgiving!

I hope you guys had a great holiday, filled with delicious food and good company! I didn't snap any pictures of my own Turkey Day (so much cooking to do!) but I'm happy to report that I made so much food that we should have enough to survive the apocalypse. So please come to my house if you find yourself in need of mashed potatoes, honey-baked ham, pumpkin pie (I made four!), or delicious roasted lamb. Did I mention I have a lot of pie?

Oof, I'm sorry I've been a terrible blogger as of late! How about we play some catch-up?

Earlier this month, Justin and I headed to Seattle to spend time with our niece and take a quick jaunt to Vancouver. It was my first trip to British Columbia and--holy Canada!--it was stunning. Like, I'd totally move there in a heartbeat if I got the chance.

{The view from our condo.}
{Justin and me at the Vancouver Aquarium.}
The best part of our trip was spending time with our little niece. As cheesy as it sounds, Rowan is simply a joy to be around. She's sweet and thoughtful; she's whip-smart and clever. Plus, her hugs are worth a million bucks. At least, they certainly feel that way. :)

{Rowie at the "Donut Factory." Also known as Krispy Kreme.}
On the writing front, I signed up for National Novel Writing Month! I'm the world's slowest writer but I needed a kick-in-the-pants to draft my YA sci-fi project and I love the camaraderie that comes with NaNo. sort of gave up on it. Haha.

I've written about 22,000 words (yay!) but then we went to Seattle and I got a little behind. Then I started flailing because my word count was so paltry, and then I had an attack of the Doubt Monsters, and then Thanksgiving consumed my life and then... Well, there you have it. But I'm happy to have gotten a good start on my WIP. After all, 22K words is a lot more words than I had before!

Phew, how was your Thanksgiving? Do you planning on doing any shopping this weekend? As much as I adore a good deal, I'm deathly afraid of Black Friday crowds so I'll be staying home, reading books and eating pie until I weigh 300 pounds. Sounds like a good plan to me!


  1. What an eventful November! I adore that picture of your niece; it is too cute!

    I jumped into NaNo when I really shouldn't have. Don't worry. My word count is like the saddest of the sad! A lot of it was doubt monsters / being in a funk about writing, and the other half of it was plain exhaustion/busy-times! I'm finally starting to get back into the groove of it, so hopefully there will be a few more words before the end of November.

    Glad you had a Happy Thanksgiving! I'd love to have some pumpkin pie! Now where did I put my floo powder...

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  3. Your niece is so precious and adorable! I'm so glad you got to spend time with her.

    I signed up for NaNo on October 31st, and my current wordcount... let's not speak of that. :)

    I spent my entire Thanksgiving studying, but I did get to go shopping with my roommate today. Unfortunately (or fortunately), instead of buying anything, I ended up returning previously bought products.

  4. glad you have an awesome thanksgiving! Would love to visit BC some day. I also signed up for NaNo and am just over 25,000 words...with only four days left in the month...yeah, don't think I'm getting to 50,000. Oh well, I'm loving the story so I'll continue to work on it even though I won't get to claim my NaNo bragging rights.