Friday Five

{Taken over Memorial Day weekend in the Shenandoah Valley}

Justin is home! Justin is home! Yay!

Even if it's only for two weeks, it's so nice to have my best friend here with me. Whenever Justin leaves for long stretches of time, my brain enters a sort of deployment mode and I get used to sleeping by myself and eating by myself and watching Game of Thrones by myself. (Yeesh, this sounds so depressing!) But life is so much brighter and awesomer when he is HERE! Next to me! To talk to IN PERSON!

I sure have missed him.

Can I tell you guys the sweetest story that'll make you go "Aww"? It'll only take a minute! Promise!

Although Justin works as a consultant, he often flies home from Afghanistan with a bunch of Marines or Army soldiers. Thus, oftentimes, there are a lot of smiling families waiting at the airport when I get there, bursting with balloons and flowers and cheery Welcome Home signs.

Yesterday, bright and early in the morning, I noticed a family---a few women and two little girls---craning their necks each time the arrival doors opened. Finally, the soldiers started to emerge and one of the little girls broke free from her aunts and took off sprinting.

"Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!" she cried before her mom dropped her bags and scooped the girl up for a big hug.

Heart. Melted.
Eyes. Crying.
Ovaries. Bursting.

I wish I'd gotten the whole thing on camera!

This video made my heart melt too. Or am I just in a sappy mood? Nah, your heart shall melt as well!

On the writing front---or should I say revising front?---I feel like I'm making good headway on my agent's editorial notes! I've beefed up the world-building (although not quite enough) and I've smoothed out some character motivation. On paper, I should be almost finished! But....

...I've decided to rewrite eight chapters of the manuscript. I know! Silly Caroline, but I truly believe the book will be stronger for it and I want the novel to be as strong as possible before we go out on submission. Eep, submission! That word is both thrilling and terrifying to me. Perhaps I'll just hide in my little revision cave for awhile where I won't have any rejections thrown my way.

I am a wuss!

Well, I hope you guys have a most fabulous and wonderful weekend! Justin and I will probably have a low-key weekend since he still has jet lag but I'm hoping we can squeeze in a couple movies and some good food. Did I mention that a Pinkberry has opened near my house? Or how the Game of Thrones season finale is on Friday?!