Friday Five: Taiwan Edition!

I have returned to the motherland!

Also known as...Taiwan!

After a 16-hour flight and a layover in Tokyo, my family arrived in Taipei on Wednesday evening. We spent the last two days in the capital city---where I saw a lot of stray dogs and cats and even a rat! Ew!---and now we're in a town called Miaoli, where my brother and sister-in-law currently live.

Anyway, I'm in that strange limbo of jet lag in which I'm kind of tired but also kind of wide awake. So I have decided to blog!


{Why hello!}

Here I am with my Uncle Bing!

Ok, not really....

This is just a random bust I saw in Taipei yesterday, whom I decided to nickname Uncle Bing because I couldn't read the accompanying plaque. Basically, I'm kind of illiterate here in Taiwan since I've forgotten most of the characters I learned in Chinese school. Somewhere up in Chinese heaven, my ancestors are shaking their heads at me and sighing. Sorry, ancestors!


{Chiang Kai Shek Memorial}
{Visiting my paternal grandfather's grave, who died in 1973.}

For this trip, I rented a wide-angle lens from since I wanted to try one out and because---yipes!---these lenses cost about $1000 new and $700 used. Ah, photography! Why did I have to choose such an expensive new hobby? Still, I'm sort of in love with this lens! Must save my pennies....


{Taiwanese book cover}

In bookish news, I saw two guys in Taipei today reading the Chinese version of The Hunger Games. I wanted to tap on their shoulders and point enthusiastically at their books and say, "This is SUCH a good book! I approve!"

Don't worry. I refrained from doing such a thing because I'd like to give off the impression that I am a.) normal, and b.) semi sane.

Of course, in reality, I really am a crazy person. At least when it comes to The Hunger Games. :)



My family has been taking full advantage of the exchange rate here in Taiwan. Just yesterday for a five-person lunch, we only paid $15 for a table full of noodles and appetizers! I might weigh 500 pounds once I get home. What a fun surprise for Justin!

Oh! My sister and I were at dinner tonight (at a Lord of the Rings themed restaurant of all places!) and I spotted a hilarious English misspelling. Ready for it?

Pesto Pasta with Vaggies

Hahaha. I know, I know. So gross, right? I couldn't stop giggling and gagging at the same time. Suffice to stay, I didn't order that dish.


Aaaaand on the writing front, I've been able to crank out some words on my new WIP! Very surprisingly! That's another fun side effect of my jet lag, I suppose. I go to bed at strange hours and awake at even stranger ones. Hopefully, fingers crossed, I'll write a few chapters while I'm here so I can send them off to a few readers.

So, how are you doing? What are you up to this weekend? And what are you reading? Your recommendations are always welcome!