Hey, look! My friends write books!

Ahem! Please pardon the cheesiness of this blog post title.

(But it rhymes! I couldn't resist!)

Yesterday afternoon, I ventured to the adorable indie bookstore One More Page to attend a signing with Miranda Kenneally and Jessica Spotswood. Miranda wrote the YA contemporary novel Catching Jordan while Jessica wrote the YA fantasy-with-an-alternate-history-twist Born Wicked.

Both books = AWESOMENESS!

(Awesomeness is not a word but it is sure fun to say!)

{Miranda and Jess read excerpts from their books.}
{Lynn Colt, Miranda, Jessica, Me}

In some ways, this signing was a bit surreal to me....

'Cause I remember reading an early draft of Born Wicked, back in February '11, and I thought to myself: This book is going to sell. I love it so much, and it features such a strong heroine who girls should look up to. Fast forward to now, Jess has toured the country to promote Born Wicked and here she is fielding Q&A sessions at a book signing!

And I remember reading an ARC of Miranda's book Catching Jordan back in September '11. I thought to myself then: This book is laugh-out-loud funny and so incredibly well-written. And it features such a strong heroine who girls should look up to. Fast forward to now, Miranda has appeared on TV shows to discuss her novel and she's already working on her third manuscript for her publisher.

It's amazing how much can happen in the span of a year or even the span of a few months. And I can't be prouder of Miranda and Jess, who have worked so hard for their success and who have written two amazing protagonists who are strong yet vulnerable, capable yet flawed, and just completely real.

Brava, ladies!

On a related note, the bookstore presented Miranda and Jess with bottles of champagne after the signing. How awesomely nice is that?! Lynn and I totally looked at each other and said, "If we ever get our books published, we're coming here ASAP!"

Ah, free stuff.