March 23, 2012

Finally, Friday!

Ah, Friday! 

And even better, it's the Friday in which The Hunger Games opens! Aiee! Have you watched it? HOW WAS IT?! I'm not watching the movie until tomorrow so I must try to be patient....

...I'm awful at being patient.

Anyway, would you like to giggle at my misadventures at trying to be a fashion blogger? Ha! Look at the photos below, where I'm trying very hard to take pictures of my new blouse. Blurry! Bad angles! No makeup! 

Alas, my dreams of becoming a Super High Fashion photographer have been foiled.

(But I do love my new blouse. Anthro sale!)

In other news, I have been a Book Devourer as of late.

Why yes, I think books are mighty tasty! On the menu this weekend:

{The Space Between, American Born Chinese, All These Things I've Done}

My library has offered me such a feast as of late!

I'm especially excited---and a little nervous---to dig into the graphic novel American Born Chinese. I'm excited because it has gotten great buzz but I'm nervous because the book deals with a lot of racism and Asian stereotypes, which always makes me feel...frustrated. And sad. And self-conscious.

Still, I can't wait to dig in! This will be only the second graphic novel I've read (the first being The Watchmen), and I really do love the blending of narrative and art. 

So what are your plans for the weekend? Whatcha reading? Whatcha watching? How many naps do you plan on taking? Naps for all!


  1. Caroline, I seriously thought those photos were SUPPOSED to be so blurry and off-kilter! I think they look super high fashion. You know, setting a new style of photography and such. :D And you're not wearing make-up?! But you look so pretty! And that blouse. <3

    Oooh, I really have to check out All These Things I've Done. And yo. I feel you on the racism. "Frustrated. And sad. And self-conscious." All those things. :/ But graphic novels ARE super-awesome, so I might check out American Born Chinese myself.

  2. I'm not seeing the Hunger Games until tomorrow too! I'm trying not to get too hyped up, and I'm hoping my stupid cold subsides some so I don't sneeze through the whole movie. :P

    Secondly, your outfit is adorable! I love it all, and yes, very cute blouse. I'm a big fan of your yellow cardigan and bow brooch though!

    Books: I really want to read ALL THESE THINGS... so I'm interested in hearing what you think of it. Worth the checkout and such? I've also heard good things about AMERICAN BORN CHINESE, though I haven't read it. So also would like to know how you find it. I've read a few other graphic novels from Derek Kirk Kim (for my Asian American Studies minor), and he also covers coming-of-age, quarter life crises, and being Asian American in a light and engaging way. I enjoyed them.

    Also please, let's talk about THE SPACE BETWEEN when you finish it! I read that last month and I loved a lot of it (Brenna Yovanoff writes amazing damaged/outsider characters) but wished for more in other areas. I don't know many people who have read this one (or even The Replacement), so I'd love to chat. :)

  3. Okay, wow, so totally envious of your book haul AND the Anthro sale swag!!