February 17, 2012

Friday Five

Holy adorable cows, I'm addicted to Pinterest!

I joined the site a few months ago and tinkered around a little at first. Meh, I thought. Seems not for me. But now, I've finally figured out how to use it and I am in love!

If you're on Pinterest, come find me!

One of my favorite things about Pinterest is "pinning" things that I'm totally coveting. Here are a few items from my current Wish List:

Melie Bianco purse; Oh Joy! necklace.

Anthropologie shorts; B.P oxford flat.

I also love pinning places around the world that I'd like to visit. Places like New Zealand and Belize and Croatia and Spain. Mmm, Spain....

Speaking of Spain, I'm flying to Madrid in about six weeks to meet up with Justin for his first R&R! We'll be spending nine days in country, most likely bouncing between Madrid, Barcelona, Toledo, and maybe Segovia. This will be the first time in Spain for the both of us so we desperately need recommendations! If you've been to Spain, tell us about your experiences! What must we do? Where must we eat? 

Hmm, you're probably sick of me talking about Pinterest, hmm? Well...TOO BAD! Haha, kidding, kidding. (Seriously though, why aren't you on Pinterest? Let's be friends!) 

In writing news, I am almost finished with my revision for my YA alternate history, Revolutionary! I am so incredibly happy and relieved and elated to be nearly done. This book started off easy, then morphed into a demon child, and now we're finally pushing past its angsty teen years. Major props must go to my beta readers Robin, Ellen, Lynn, and my husband for giving me brilliant notes so I could whip this baby into shape! 

Still, I'm sure I'll be doing more revisions in the future. They never are fully done, huh? 

So, this weekend! What are your big plans? I'm doing some revisions today, and meeting up with some friends on Saturday and Sunday. I also hope to tackle a few books, like State of Wonder, which I picked up at the library yesterday. How about you? What are you up to this fine February weekend?


  1. Espana!! I have been, but unfortunately it was back when I was 17 (I KNOW) so I can't remember much. The things that stuck with me the most are the Prado & the Reina Sofia Museums in Madrid, La Sagrada Familia & Gaudi Park in Barcelona, and the entire city of Salamanca. As far as food, I had no bad meals while I was there, and I also ate ice cream daily. It somehow tasted more delicious than ice cream back home. No matter what, I'm sure you two will have a really spectacular time :)

    1. Yay, thank you so much, Jessica! I've been planning on visiting El Prado but I'll have to add Reina Sofia to my list too. I 've heard it's really beautiful!

      Also, ice cream every day shall be a MUST for me. I'm totally going to carry on this tradition when Justin and I go to Rome in June. Scratch that, I might just eat gelato for every meal!

  2. My knowledge of Spain is pretty limited, but I *loved* Retiro Park in Madrid. Loved it as in I missed ALL museums to spend more time in Retiro. If you're in that part of the city, the Madrid temple is pretty cool; nice grounds, all that. And my most favorite restaurant (found wandering the city) was this vegetarian place that I loved so much that it alone is reason enough to go back to Spain. It's a vegetarian place, and they do traditional Spanish food with veggie/vegan twists. They focus on local, natural foods and it's GOOD. Or it was. It's called Al Natural, at Calle de Zorrilla, 11 (almost at the end of the street). The website is here: http://www.alnatural.biz/ and you must go. Must.

    1. Thank you so much for all of the suggestions, Zannah! It's much appreciated for a Spain novice like me. (Or should I start saying Espana now? Haha.)

      I would love to check out Retiro Park! I looove museums and plan on spending hours in El Prado, but a pretty park sounds like a wonderful way to relax and loung around for a bit.

      The vegetarian restaurant sounds great as well! I may have to convince my meat-loving husband to go there... :)

  3. I'll second everything Jess said above, but add: Valley of the Fallen/El Escorial which is among other things Franco's grave and super-cool.

    I enjoyed Zaragoza and Pamplona but if you have a limited amount of time I don't think they're must-go-out-of-your-way-to-sees.

    I WOULD, however, recommend San Sebastian, which is Yet Another European Beach Town but it is my favorite and I love it forever and ever and when I make millions of dollars I am going to move there and be surrounded by sexy Spanish San Sebastianers for the rest of my life, the end.

    1. Ohhh, thank you, thank you, love! I've been wondering if we should go to El Escorial and now I'm thinking we should make a day trip out of it. It looks really neat!

      And I'll have to check out San Sebastian as well--thanks for the tip!

      Um, can we grab cupcakes this week with Jessica and Andrea? We must catch up!

    2. YES ABSOLUTELY. Cupcakes MUST happen. (I don't know when Other Jessica gets back from her tour, but if she's around she requested we include her.)

  4. I don't know anything about Spain but I know that you'll make a fantastic trip out of it!

    You've convinced me to sign up for pinterest... Maybe I can close the 3,847,910 tabs I have going. When I get my invite you'll have to show me the ropes. Love the B.P. Shoes!

    Tomorrow Samantha and I are going to a Barbie movie at the kids museum and there is a little party after. Probably going to pop an excedrin before just to prepare. Wish me luck!!

    1. I'm so glad you joined Pinterest, CJ! I love your pins, especially all of the yummy recipes you found. Can't wait to try that blueberry buttermilk cake!

      Hope you and Sam had fun at the Barbie movie!

  5. Like Courtney, I don't know anything about Spain aside from the culture lessons I got while attempting to learn Spanish in high school, but I'm sure you will have a wonderful time!

    And oh, Pinterest! Like you, I signed up for an account months ago. However, I pinned my first pin last week, and since then, I'm lost in the fabulousness that is Pinterest. So many shiny things!

    1. Emy, I just adore your pins on Pinterest! Where do you find some of these pictures? Teach me your ways. :)

      And now I'm even more convinced that we must meet in person and talk books and pretty things!

  6. I never realized how beautiful Spain was until I started seeing people's pictures! I hope you have fun!

    I joined Pinterest a while ago and felt the same way as you. I totally wasn't into it, but now I'm completely addicted. Going to go follow your boards now. Haha.

    1. Yay for Pinterest! I'll definitely check out your boards too! 'Cause did I mention that I'm addicted to Pinterest? Haha.

  7. Pinterest! I am completely addicted. It is so good

    Congratulations on your revision :D