Friday Five

A thousand apologies for being such a horrible blogger this past month! Between Justin coming home from Afghanistan, a Thanksgiving trip to Shenandoah, and now a quick trip to North Carolina, I've barely had time to breathe!

Right now, we're in the very military town of Fayetteville, NC where Justin is giving a presentation at Fort Bragg. We lived here for three years while Justin was in the Army and I, um, was very grateful when we moved away. Hahaha. What can I say? I'm just not that into pawn shops and gun stores!

Traveling has made me a terrible blogger but it has given me some time to catch up on reading! A few books I've read in the past few weeks:

All great reads! The writing in Magic Under Glass was simply lovely. There were so many passages that made me sigh and wish I could write as beautifully as Jaclyn Dolamore. The Art of Racing in the Rain had a terrific voice---the book is told from the POV of a dog!---and it could have been gimmicky but it wasn't. I also enjoyed The Future of Us (I sped through it in one afternoon) and all of the references to the 90s was a great blast from the past.

Also, it made me feel old... Discmans? Caller ID? American Online? Um yeah, those were my teen years!

Speaking of traveling (ha!), Justin and I are leaving on Monday for the Florida Keys! We're celebrating Christmas early with his family and I've already stocked up on a few books from the library to keep me company.

I've already started Blood Red Road (isn't that cover awesome?) and, while it takes a bit of time to get used to that slang, it's a fantastically written novel so far.

Lastly, it's my birthday tomorrow! Egads, I'm becoming an old woman and I'm not exactly looking forward to turning a year older. But! I was able to treat myself to a few things from Anthropologie, thanks to Justin and an Anthro b-day coupon. Yay, coupons and nice husbands! Boo, getting older!

On the left, I bought myself a cute blouse since I'm a sucker for lace. And on the right, I also got an owl candle that was 30% off! Whenever I get myself my own desk, he's going to keep me company. What should I name him?

So what are all of your plans for this weekend? Anything fun? Staying warm?