Random Thoughts on a Rainy Day

For the past few weeks, Justin and I have been thinking about buying some land (cheap-ish land) and building a house on it. And so, I've been poking around the Great Internets, looking at different builders and whatnot.

Good Lord! Building a house on your own property can be a mega headache. From hooking up utilities to choosing a home site to digging a well if needs be.

I'll say it again. GOOD LORD!

But then I stumbled upon this house:

So cute, right?

It was designed by New World Home and was featured as Country Living's House of the Year in 2010. It also happens to be super green.

And...here's the clincher...

It's a modular house!

Crazy, eh?

So, basically, this house is constructed in the New World Home's factory and then delivered to your site in separate "modules" where workers will seam it together. (Apparently, modular homes are not the same as trailer homes. They have to be built to county and/or state standards.)

I did a little more digging and found more green modular homes that look, well, pretty darn amazing.

I definitely have to tip my hat to these architects! The term "modular home" has such a stigma---a stigma I held for a long time---but these houses totally blow my mind. 

Anyway, Justin and I are still a little ways off from buying any property but I may have to keep these houses in mind once we take the plunge.