Friday Five

So...the last film in the Harry Potter franchise opens next week. I always thought that I'd be depressed when this moment rolled around but I'm not. You know why?


Yep, my brain has convinced me that, surely, this won't be the last film! Surely, there will be more! Surely, J.K. Rowling has a few more HP books up her sleeve!

Surely, surely, surely.

Yep, in denial.

Holy cow, have you guys seen the evolution of Neville Longbottom?! When the Harry Potter movies first started out, he looked like this:

But now he looks like this!

Isn't he dashing? And that suit! Gotta love that suit. Tailored to perfection.

I'm still working on my YA alternate history, switching the 1st person voice to 3rd person past. It has been kind of tedious but I'm really liking the result so far! I feel the 3rd person voice allows me to delve a bit deeper into the world and to get a little more imaginative with the descriptions. A snippet from Chapter Two:
Zara nodded. For the past ten years, the Fuhrer had delivered a monthly speech on Channel Seven—mostly boasting about his conquests in South America or condemning the Soviets who dared oppose Nazi rule—but the broadcasts had stopped abruptly after Christmas. Zara secretly hoped that he had suffered a debilitating accident or caught an awful disease. Preferably of the flesh-eating variety. 
A couple weeks ago, I booked a rental house for Justin, me, and his family. I can't wait to go to the Florida Keys for vacation!

But...uh...we're not going until December. Haha. At least I have something to look forward to, right?

Hope you guys all have a fabulous weekend! Anything fun planned?