Apologies for being MIA!

Hey guys!

I'm so sorry that I've been MIA this past week! Forgive? Please? But I have a good excuse! My husband is leaving for Afghanistan on Monday so I've kind of unplugged myself from the internet. It has been nice to spend some quality time with J before he heads off to Very Dangerous Country and, to be honest, it has been nice to not check my email every five minutes! Sometimes it's really easy to become engrossed with all things internet, you know? Especially with Twitter! SO ADDICTING.

But I do have some fun "After The Call" posts planned in the next week or so! So be sure to check in. (And Lindsay and Katy---I need to interview you gals!)

Until then, look at this beautiful strawberry cake that I plan on making before Justin departs. Mmm! My friend Ellen served me a slice last week and it was ridiculously delicious. I can't stop thinking about it!

courtesy of smittenkitchen.com