Sunday Six: Picture Edition!

Greetings Friends, Romans, and Countrymen!

Justin and I flew back from Colorado last night and, boy, are our arms tired! *Ba Dum Ching!* All in all, we had a lot of fun exploring the Denver/Boulder area and we think it could be a great place for us to settle down one day and raise a flock of half-breed children. 

Without further adieu, here are a few pictures that I found on my camera this morning--some from our trip to Colorado, some from our trip to Gettysburg, and some from our trip to Indiana. Wow, I really need to clean out more camera more often, eh?

1.) This past Thursday, Justin and I drove up from Boulder to Rocky Mountain National Park. In one word: STUNNING. We also saw a lot of deer and elk, which made me clap my hands with glee and which made Justin smack his lips together and say, "Delicious!"

2.) A couple weeks ago, I flew to Indianapolis to spend Easter weekend with Justin, who was in town for a business trip. After much hemming and hawing, I basically forced him to take me to the Benjamin Harrison Historical Home because a.) I am a history nerd, and b.) I am a history nerd. I love historic houses!

3.) Wanna hear my favorite story about Benjamin Harrison? No? Not at all? Oh, I'll tell it to you anyway! Here we go: 

Although Harrison was educated as a lawyer, he joined the Union Army and led a troop of soldiers from Indiana. By day, Harrison would train his troops; and by night, he would study military history to teach himself how to lead men into battle. I love this imagery of a future president reading military strategy by candlelight. It's kind of romantic, I think!

4.) Back in early April, Justin and I spent a long Sunday at Gettysburg, driving around and checking the various battle sites. This was my favorite memorial that we saw. Pretty, no?

5.) Ha! I look really ridiculous in this picture, but I wanted to have a picture of Justin and me together at Gettysburg.

6.) Lastly, there was a SCREAMING toddler on our flight last night. And I mean screaming--we're talking 3 hours of loud crying. I felt really bad for the kid because it was obviously his bedtime and he was really tired but he was confused and disoriented. So I have a question to you parents out there...what do you do when you're on a long flight and your child is crying and crying? I'm really curious! Plus, I want to glean some parenting pointers before I find myself with a screaming baby one day.