May 8, 2011

Sunday Six: Picture Edition!

Greetings Friends, Romans, and Countrymen!

Justin and I flew back from Colorado last night and, boy, are our arms tired! *Ba Dum Ching!* All in all, we had a lot of fun exploring the Denver/Boulder area and we think it could be a great place for us to settle down one day and raise a flock of half-breed children. 

Without further adieu, here are a few pictures that I found on my camera this morning--some from our trip to Colorado, some from our trip to Gettysburg, and some from our trip to Indiana. Wow, I really need to clean out more camera more often, eh?

1.) This past Thursday, Justin and I drove up from Boulder to Rocky Mountain National Park. In one word: STUNNING. We also saw a lot of deer and elk, which made me clap my hands with glee and which made Justin smack his lips together and say, "Delicious!"

2.) A couple weeks ago, I flew to Indianapolis to spend Easter weekend with Justin, who was in town for a business trip. After much hemming and hawing, I basically forced him to take me to the Benjamin Harrison Historical Home because a.) I am a history nerd, and b.) I am a history nerd. I love historic houses!

3.) Wanna hear my favorite story about Benjamin Harrison? No? Not at all? Oh, I'll tell it to you anyway! Here we go: 

Although Harrison was educated as a lawyer, he joined the Union Army and led a troop of soldiers from Indiana. By day, Harrison would train his troops; and by night, he would study military history to teach himself how to lead men into battle. I love this imagery of a future president reading military strategy by candlelight. It's kind of romantic, I think!

4.) Back in early April, Justin and I spent a long Sunday at Gettysburg, driving around and checking the various battle sites. This was my favorite memorial that we saw. Pretty, no?

5.) Ha! I look really ridiculous in this picture, but I wanted to have a picture of Justin and me together at Gettysburg.

6.) Lastly, there was a SCREAMING toddler on our flight last night. And I mean screaming--we're talking 3 hours of loud crying. I felt really bad for the kid because it was obviously his bedtime and he was really tired but he was confused and disoriented. So I have a question to you parents out there...what do you do when you're on a long flight and your child is crying and crying? I'm really curious! Plus, I want to glean some parenting pointers before I find myself with a screaming baby one day.


  1. Never leave home without an ipod loaded up with her favorite movies, that's how I keep zoey quiet. Also I bribe her with candy.

    bad mom, maybe, but the other people around us are insanely grateful.

  2. Such great pictures! I want to revisit Gettysburg; it's been way too long since I've been there.

    Hmm... Screaming toddler? Honestly, mine has never been anything but really well-behaved on flights. She went on her first plane ride at 1 week old, so she's well traveled. :) My advice to new traveling mamas? Buy a few new, cheap toys to introduce on the plane, plus crayons, favorite toys, snacks and books. More than you think you'll need, because time drags on and on...

    Glad you had fun on your trip!

  3. Good advice from the other moms, but I say give them beverages--milk, juice, soda, whatever! From a breast, bottle, sippy cup, IV...any way they'll take it. Maybe you'll have a few extra diapers to change, but it's worth it.

  4. Sounds like an awesome trip! So jealous of the historical house--I totally LOVE stuff like that.

    Yeah, I have no toddlers, so I can't give advice on the plane thing. But I would imagine that introducing them to travel early, and making it a special thing for them--like giving them snacks they don't usually get, that sort of thing--would help make it an exciting thing instead of a scary one. I know when I was a kid I absolutely loved flying. (If only that were still the case!)

  5. Ipod! My son's such a tech junkie (yes at not quite two he can unlock it select apps!) and isn't usually allowed it. I keep it for emergencies - Mummy's secret weapon!

    Love the photos especially the one outside the house!

  6. Love the photo of Colorado. I think living that close to the mountains would be awesome.

    My husband and I take the same kind of photos when we're on vacation. It's our "quick, snap it in the car so we remember we were here" photo.

  7. Bring whatever last-resort thing that your child loves. For Georgia, it's food. I will never fly without a TON of food to shove in her mouth if necessary :)

  8. Glad you had fun in CO. Selfishly, I can't wait until you are that much closer to me. Airplane rides require an insane amount of toys and entertainment and food. Poor poor unprepared people. I'm sorry you had to listen to that.