Would it be possible to microchip my kids?

I know, I know. What a weird question, right?

But it's a random question I've been thinking about. See, I'm getting to the point in my life where I'm thinking about having kids. Thus, I'm already fretting about being a mom. What if I mess them up? What if they end up hating me? What if I can never nap again? And what if---God, forbid---I ever lose them?

When I was a kid, I remember wandering away from my parents from time to time. Often at the mall. Or at the beach. Panic ensued. I cried. My parents fretted. Fortunately though, everything worked out well in the end.

But...what about all of those kids who are lost for hours? Days? Weeks? Who are kidnapped? Who are never found? Wouldn't it make sense to insert one of those little microchips somewhere on the body in case this happened?

"Mommy, I is not a puppy!"
I know, I know. You're probably thinking, "Caroline is kind of going off of the deep end. UNFOLLOW." But I'm honestly curious about this! (Plus, you can read an article on the topic on Boston.com. See? I'm not that crazy!) Here are some pros and cons to this idea:

1.) Find your lost kid! 
2.) Avoid panicking! 
3.) You don't have to use those kiddie leashes!  

1.) What cons?
2.) Joking! I'm joking! :)
3.) Inevitably, some crazy parents are going to microchip their teenagers to spy on them. 
4.) Pets are pets, but kids are kids. And kids deserve some kind of privacy, especially when they become teens.
5.) If an abductor knows a kid has a microchip, it wouldn't be hard to cut it out.

As for me, the jury is still out when it comes to microchipping. I think it's a fantastic idea for pets but I do feel a bit wary about microchipping my kids. Still, I might have a change of heart when I become a worried, harried mother. 'Cause I tend to worry a lot!

What do y'all think though? Yay or nay?