March 9, 2011

Wednesday Wants

I'm in a craving sort of mood today. Chocolate! Purses! Books! Dresses! My wallet is cringing at all of these desires... Still, it's fun to dream, right? So here are my Wednesday Wants:

1.) I want the cherry blossoms to start blooming in DC. 'Cause when the cherry blossoms arrive, it means spring is finally here! And I'm really craving spring right now. I'm so done with winter coats and thick gloves. I want warm weather! 

2.) I adore this dress from I love how mod it is. I love the colors. I love the fun yellow ribbon that cuts across the bust. But I don't love the price tag. $450! *Gulp* Why are you so expensive, pretty dress?

3.) Cadbury Mini Eggs! *Drool* Justin and I seriously go through a bag of these per day sometimes.

4.) I really want to read The Liar Society! I remember when the authors, Lisa and laura Roecker, first posted their query letter over on Absolute Write. And now their book is finally here! WANT.

5.) Justin and I went antiquing a couple weeks ago and I fell in love with some of the old typewriters we saw. Whenever I get my own office, I'd love to have a heavy black typewriter sitting on my desk. They just look so neat!

So what are you craving on this Wednesday morning? Cupcakes? Dresses? A trip to Jamaica? 


  1. I didn't know there are cherry blossoms in DC -- I really must move there, in that case! And that dress is gorgeous, but the price tag is indeed scary.

  2. You know, I've lived around DC most of my life and never seen the cherry blossoms?? Maybe this is my year!

    I really want to read the liar society too. And also I want an entire new wardrobe, because I am SO TIRED of the contents of my closet.

    And, you know, a book deal would be nice >.< lol!

  3. I want it to be Monday already.

    And to magically lose weight while still eating lots of cupcakes. I'm doing Weight Watchers & my sweet tooth is driving me crazy.

  4. I want those eggs to be available year-round, not just in April. And I want my book to revise itself since I did all the writing. Mostly I want to be already moved and unpacked in my new apartment. That would be nice.

  5. I want my animal illustrations to draw themselves! And I want five more pairs of boots :] Before it gets too warm to wear them!

  6. I so can't wait for spring! I'm tired of lugging around a heavy winter coat whenever I leave the house. :(

  7. Emy, you should definitely move to DC! It's such a fun town--and the Cherry Blossom Festival is simply gorgeous.

    Lynn, I'm dragging you to see the cherry blossoms this year! You're coming with me whether or not you want to!

    Jess, my sweet tooth is driving me crazy as well! I want to eat cookies and cupcakes but I must settle with raspberries. Not that raspberries are bad...but sometimes a girl just wants a cookie!

    Tracey, agreed! I really wish Mini Eggs would be available year-round too, but I'd probably get 20 more pounds per year. Haha.

    Vicki, I saw your illustrations this morning and they are ADORABLE! I was telling Andrea how much I loved the mouse. So cute!

    Pam, amen! I'm so ready for winter to be over too. I want to wear a dress and flip-flops!

  8. I wish the sun would come back out. Spring is so hard to stomach when the weather is crummy. April showers my foot, it's only March!

  9. I'm craving chocolate at the moment - but that's probably because I've rather rashly decided to give it up for lent.

    Not sure I'll make it :-)