March 23, 2011

Wednesday Roundup of Linkage Awesomeness!

Ready for some cool links? All right, here we go!

1.) If you like my "After The Call" series, be sure to read Agent Rachelle Gardner's post on why an agent gives up on a project. Fascinating! Some of her reasonings? Bad market. Not saleable. And plain out of options.

2.) My friend Jessica Spotswood (who recently landed a three-book deal with Penguin!) writes about her journey to publication, which is both interesting and inspiring. Even cooler? Jess is answering questions in the comments section!

3.) The lovely Kate Kelly has graciously asked me to write about how I got my agent over on her blog. Thanks for having me, Kate!

4.) Author Alexandra Bracken has a fascinating post about publishing lists and why certain books are published within a year while others take longer to make it to bookshelves. 

5.) Finally, my friend Lindsay Currie just launched a new blog with her writing partner that focuses on dystopians and their YA dystopian FATUM. Cool stuff!

And just for fun, here is a video of one of my favorite animals--the slow loris! I love the look on its face when the owner stops scratching it. Like, "Hey! Keep up the scratches, human!"


  1. HA "linkage awesomeness" I love your Caroline-isms! Thanks for the shout out for Hidden Truths, I really appreciate it. It's scary to put yourself out there, but so rewarding when you finally do:)

  2. :D Love these links. I'm going to check them out. Thank you!

  3. Thanks for the links! Oh and that video is HILARIOUS. The little guy reminds me of the movie Madagascar.

  4. Wanna get me a Slow Loris :)
    Maybe when world domination is finally achieved.

    Great links, Caroline - I've just been to 1, 3 & 4, off to visit 2 & 5 now. Great new blogs.

  5. Thanks for the links! I love reading about other writers' journeys. :)

  6. My daughter LOVES the slow loris clip.

    So Pam Harris reads your blog, you're twitter friends with all my friends. HOW DID IT TAKE A WRITERS CONFERENCE FOR US TO MEET?

    That rant out of the way, Excellent post I love all the insightful links

  7. Lindsay, glad to be of help, babe!

    Emy, you are very welcome! Hope you liked them!

    Tracey, I never realized how that creature from Madagascar looks like a slow loris! Haha.

    Golden Eagle, no prob!

    Ian, aren't slow lorises the cutest?! I love them. Technically, it's illegal to own them as pets but I guess some people buy them anyway. Kind of sad...

    Pam, you're welcome!

    Erinn, I KNOW! I can't believe we hadn't bumped into one another on Twitter or blogging before the conference! Crazy!

  8. Great linkies!

    Btw, I adore your After the Call series. Hint, hint... write moreeeee...


  9. I didn't realize that you did!

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  11. Cool links, and thanks again for guesting on my blog.

    I hope the publishers are as quick to pounce as the agents were :-)