What Do You Want to Read on "After The Call"?

First, thank you everybody for all of your comments and feedback on my "After The Call" series! I've really enjoyed writing these posts and conducting these interviews, and I'm so glad that it has been helpful. Phew! Sometimes I worry if this series is really helpful or not, you know? Insecurities!

Second, I have a few ideas floating around in my head about future posts for the series:
  • How often should you communicate with your agent?
  • What if your book doesn't sell?
  • When should you break-up with an agent?
  • And interviews with authors on what it's like to have multiple offers from editors

Beyond these ideas though, I'm still trying to brainstorm what I should write about in "After The Call."

So I open it up to you! What would you like to read about in "After The Call"? What questions do you have? What would you like to see come next?

Can't wait to hear your responses!