Feeling Kinda Bleh

I've felt kind of bleh for the past week.

Bleh about writing.
Bleh about blogging.
Bleh about the holidays.

Bah hum-bug!


Granted, there have been highlights to the past seven days---namely, hanging out with my little sis who came home for winter break and spending time with my two best friends from high school. Amanda and Allison are both awesome, and Allison has the CUTEST baby son ever. I want to squeeze him forever! 

But back to the bleh... Yeah. I've been going through one of those phases where I've felt really insecure about my writing. Do you know that feeling? When you feel like you're just not good enough? Yep. That's been me. 

Anyway, I hope to escape from my funk this upcoming week. Write more. Read more. Focus more. Recharge my batteries! It helps that I"ll be heading here in four days time:

Honolulu, Hawaii! Justin is heading there for a business trip in a couple days and he got permission for me to tag along. Wahoo! I hope I'll get the chance to hammer out my WIP and read a few books I've been drooling over (Across the Universe! Pillars of the Earth!). And I hope to spend some quality time with my wonderful husband, who deserves a vacation more than anyone I know.