Friday Five

Friday already? Really?!

Okay then! Onto the Friday Five!

1.) Feel free to meander over to Alexa Barry's lovely blog because I have a guest post up today! Every December, Alexa asks fellow writers to discuss their favorite couple from TV, film, or books; and she was nice enough to invite me to join in on the fun. 

Wanna hint as to who I picked as my favorite couple? Here it is: "Tooooe Piiiiiiick!" 

2.) Want another hint? The Pamchenko Twist! 

3.) Justin's out-of-town until the tenth for a business trip so I plan on a non-exciting Friday night: 

       * working on my dystopian novel
       * eating nutella out of the jar
       * watching "Law and Order: UK." Man, I really love this show. 

4.) So everyone on my Twitter feed and on the YA blogs I read are simply raving about Stephanie Perkins' debut novel, Anna and the French Kiss. Hmm, this book shall definitely go on my birthday wish-list! 

5.) Why yes, I've been wasting more time over on Polyvore! Yesterday night, I thought it would be really fun to put together a spring wedding ensemble. Ta-da! I drew my inspiration from this vintage dress. Isn't it sassy and fun?

Hope you guys have a great weekend! Any fun plans going on? Doing some Christmas shopping?