A Chinese Thanksgiving

If you haven't noticed, I'm Chinese.

Yes, it is true! Unbelievable, I know!

And because I am Chinese, my family's Thanksgivings are always kind of...interesting. For instance, we used to baste our turkey with soy sauce when I was a kid. Plus, we always serve rice with our meal. As my grandma says, "Chinese people need to eat rice!" So, rice it is!

This year's Thanksgiving was just like any other Chinese Thanksgiving in my household. Rice was served. Chicken livers were sauteed (my mom's creation). And my grandma sniffed at all of the strange American food. Even better, our meal was doubly amusing this year because my mom invited one of her friends to join us. This friend recently arrived in America from China and this would be her first Thanksgiving. Cue antics...

Chinese Woman: "What is this? Is this a grape?"
Me: "Uh...that's a dried cranberry."
Chinese Woman: "I see. What am I eating right now? Is this...bread?"
My dad: "Yes, those are bread crumbs!"
Me: "Uh...Dad, that's actually my stuffing." 
My dad: "Oh, yes, yes. That is what I meant."


My poor husband. To be more precise, my poor white husband. You see, all of our conversations tonight were spoken in Chinese. Yep. Justin was kind of baffled the whole meal and had to excuse himself early.

But that's what you get when you attend a Chinese Thanksgiving!