Friday Five

Numero Uno
While driving home today, I turned to the oldies station and heard Bryan Adams' song "Summer of '69." Wah? Since when did Bryan Adams become old people music?! He was, like, so popular in the early 90s!  

Numero Dos
Did anyone else watch Project Runway last night? Go Mondo! Go Mondo! Fingers crossed tightly that he takes the prize next week. He really deserves it.

Ugh, I hate Gretchen! *grumble grumble grumble* Why is she hugging Michael C. when she spent the entire season lambasting him? Grrr... I'll give her the evil eye for the entire episode next week. 

Numero Tres
Thanks everybody for your opinions on my new website! I really appreciate all of the comments and advice, and I've been tweaking both sites ever since. I'm still struggling with which layout to choose, but I might be leaning toward Version #1 simply because I love the little waves and flag banners. I'll probably change my mind tomorrow though!  

Numero Cuatro
Yeah, I'm crazy. In a web designing fever, I created yet another layout! Ta-da...

I'm especially proud of this one because I built the whole thing from scratch. With the other two layouts, I used existing templates and tweaked them to my own liking. But with this version, it's all me baby! I'm having so much fun with this stuff that I'm even thinking about signing up for a class. It would be totally fun to learn how to get down and dirty with web design! (Hmm, that sounds kind of wrong. Down and dirty?)

Numero Cinco
Justin and I bought a couple pumpkins last weekend and we will tackle the carving tomorrow. Is it lame that I plan on printing out a template to do my carving? Justin says so. *Sad face* But, but, but...I'm a perfectionist! I want to make sure my pumpkin look good.

What do you guys have planned for the weekend? Do you have any good pumpkin-carving tips? And is it totally silly to use a pumpkin template? Tell me it ain't so!