August 30, 2010

Gah, they stole my idea!

A few months ago, my brain bestowed upon me a Shiny New Idea for a young adult novel.

*Happy dance*

I was pretty giddy about this grand idea and I wrote a quick one-sentence summary that made me even giddier:

"In a world where nobody ages past 30, fifteen-year-old Ellie Snow isn't sure if she wants to stay forever young."

I thought my idea was so exciting! So interesting! So original!

Alas, then I discovered something...

A few days ago, I stumbled upon an upcoming movie called "Im.mortal." Here's a quick summary:

"The film will focus on the idea of a society where people are unable to age past the age of 25, with those who wish to live longer having to buy extra time to extend their life."

Justin Timberlake has already signed on. As well as Amanda Seyfried.


My Shiny New Idea!

So much for originality...


  1. Oh that SUCKS! I've found novels very similar to what I've written, and it's aggravating. Makes me uncomfortable, but mine's still different enough to keep up my dream of publishing. Is the movie that close to yours? Maybe you should watch it before you give up your idea.

  2. Argh! That's painful!

    And, how cool are you for thinking that idea up? I love it :)


  3. Oh, I hate that!!! Just think - it was a good idea you had though, the fact that it's being made into a movie and JT has signed on means you were on to something. It was just a little too late:-) Bummer!

  4. Ack, that happens to me sometimes too. Sucks so much! Anything you could do to twist it up, like ... make them all mermaids?? lol.

  5. I feel ya sister. A similar thing happened to me with my mermaid story. It seems nothing is original these days. Keep cranking out ideas!

  6. I know the feeling very well. :( I got the idea for my first novel in spring 2008. Wrote it in November-December of the same year. The next spring, the movie PUSH came out.

    I was convinced someone was telepathically stealing my ideas.